Furefure Bomber

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Furefure Bomber

Furefure Bomber (Japanese: ふれふれボンバー) is a minigame in Densetsu no Starfy 2. It is unlocked by clearing Stage 3-5 (Turtle Turtle Land). Various bombs will fall from the top of the screen assigned with a number. The objective is to detonate a given number of bombs without any of the bombs falling past various boxes filled full of bombs and exploding. To win on 'Easy' mode, the player must detonate ten bombs. On 'Normal' mode, the player must detonate fifteen bombs, and on 'Hard' mode, the player must detonate twenty bombs. There is no fixed time limit for this minigame.

How to play

Move the d-pad left and right to move Moe at the bottom of the screen. Press and hold the B button while moving to move faster. The A button can be pressed to continuously fire Starfy. Starfy must hit bombs a given number of times (as indicated on the bomb) to detonate them. This adds one point to the score for every bomb. The minigame is won after the number of detonated bombs matches the required score, but the minigame is immediately lost if any of the bombs explode in the vicinity of Moe.

Types of bombs

  • Bombs with parachutes: Can be small or large. Normally falls slower than bombs without parachutes.
  • Bombs without parachutes: Normally falls faster than bombs with parachutes.
  • Large bombs without parachutes: Normally fall faster than bombs without parachutes, but generally have a smaller number assigned to them.
  • Special bombs: These bombs appear only in Normal and Hard mode. They have an erratic falling pattern - they continuously move several spaces horizontally across the screen before falling vertically.