Pufftop Dance Battle

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Only in Japan!
StarlyKimono.PNG Gomen'nasai!
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Starly dancing, the players will have to repeat her dance moves

Pufftop Dance Battle (Japanese: テンカイダンスバトル, Tenkai Dance Battle) is a minigame in Densetsu no Starfy 3. Player 1 plays Starfy, Player 2 plays Papa Star, Player 3 plays Mama Star, and Player 4 plays a Pufftop Guard. It becomes available in Moe's House after clearing Undersea Ruins (Stage 8).

How to play

Players have to watch Starly dance then remember her dance moves and copy them. Everyone that danced correctly gets a point. The control pad and the A and B buttons are used for the moves. Whoever has the most points after ten rounds is the winner.