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Japanese Name 修理じいさん (しゅうりじいさん)
Species Demonic eel (Ogura in disguise)
Homeland Ogura Castle (Ogura)
Location/Residence A cloud near Pufftop Palace
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy (Yumiko Sudō)
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy (Yumiko Sudō)

Shuuri-jiisan (literally Old Man Repair) appears as a ghost like creature with a black mustache in the seventh chapter of the second volume of the Densetsu no Starfy manga illustrated by Yumiko Sudō. — "Big Panic, the Jar is Broken Fii!". He is actually a disguise of Ogura; Ogura had put on a costume pretending to be someone else.

In the events of "Big Panic, the Jar is Broken Fii!", Starfy accidentally made a hole in the jar by banging it on a table in Pufftop Palace. While Ogura was sleeping, Starfy tried to repair the jar with tape, but it didn't work and Ogura's tail appeared outside of the jar. When Papa Star approached Starfy with food, Starfy hid the fact that the jar was broken and pretended that he was already eating by sucking on Ogura's tail, fooling Papa Star. Starfy spit the jar with Ogura's tail in it out and Starfy believed that it would break, but then the jar landed on a cloud without any further damage.

Starfy and Moe fell on to the cloud and "Shuuri-jiisan" was there holding the jar. After introducing his name, he told Starfy and Moe that he was running a repair shop. Shuuri-jiisan noticed that the jar was cracked and Moe asked him if he could repair it. Shuuri-jiisan replied that he could fix it with some cured clay, but replied that he was out of stock. Shuuri-jiisan showed them a map up with the locations Starfy and Moe have to go through to get the clay. After returning with the clay, Moe heard Shuuri-jiisan saying "gehaha" and Moe found it weird. This may have been the first hint that something suspicious was going on. After Starfy fixed the jar, it was revealed that Shuuri-jiisan was actually a costume worn by Ogura. Ogura took off the costume and revealed that after the jar landed on the cloud, he came out of the jar and left behind his tail to make it look like he was still in it.