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Only in Japan!
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Japanese Name ユグドラじい
Species Tree
Affiliates Starly
Location/Residence Lobber's Cave
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3

Yugudorajii is an elderly tree in Densetsu no Starfy 3. He mainly tells Starly that Ogura fled towards Coral Coast and does not have much more of a role in the game, although he is important for revealing a flashback about Ogura when he was young.

In the manga (Yumiko Sudō)

Yugudorajii appears in the ninth chapter of the second volume, "Meeting a Friendly Tree Fii!." Starfy and Moe are camping in the forest Yugudorajii lives in. Moe rips a branch off of Yugudorajii while he's asleep and uses it as a tent peg. During the night, Starfy and Moe hear Yugudorajii moaning in pain. Starfy puts a bandage on him to help him feel better. Yugudorajii thanks Starfy by giving him fruit. Yugudorajii tells Starfy and Moe that he hasn't seen anything in the forest for a long time because people were afraid of him. Moe mentions Ogura during the conversation. Yugudorajii tells them that he's seen Ogura going to a mountain. Starfy and Moe decide to go that way. Yugudorajii is sad to see them go, but Starfy promises they'll return. Ogura sets the forest on fire once Starfy and Moe leave. They see it before they get to far and turn back. Starfy puts out the fire by adding the lake's water to his Star Spin, but Yugudorajii had already burned down. Starfy believes Yugudorajii is gone, but a new smaller Yugudorajii appears from the spot where Moe put the branch tent peg.

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