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Only in Japan!
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This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.
Japanese Name マンタはん
Species Manta
Affiliates Moon, Starfy, Starly, Moe
Location/Residence Jungle
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3

Mantahan is a pink manta from the southern sea that only appears in Densetsu no Starfy 3. Moon works for him, though it is unclear what she specifically does.

Moe was afraid of him. He calls Moe "Kyorosuke-han" (Japanese: キョロスケはん) instead of Kyorosuke-san.

In Densetsu no Starfy 3


Starfy, Starly, and Moe chase Ogura to the Jungle to Moe's chagrin, saying that they have to lay low so they won't be found by "that person" (referring to Manta-han). When Starly asks why he's on edge, Moe tells her to be quiet, but it's too late as Manta-han approaches the three, saying that he thought he heard voices, but is surprised to see Moe and thanks him for saving him the trouble of looking for him. When Starly asks who Manta-han is, and he introduces himself as Manta, a Pearl Lender of the Southern Sea. Shortly after introducing himself, Moe dashes off, telling Starfy and Starly to run to, leaving them confused. After running for a while however, Manta-han corners the three, saying that they can't get away from him. Moe apologizes profusely, but Moon breaks the tension and gives Starfy the Cool Sunglasses for their efforts. Moe says that this isn't the kind of situation to be getting gifts, but then notices that Moon is here, and she explains that she works for Manta-han before being interrupted by Manta-han himself. He cuts to the chase, asking Moe if he can pay back the pearls that his father, Kyorozou, borrowed from him, but says that they'll talk later.


Manta-han tells Moe to cough up the exact amount of pearls, but Moe asks him to wait, saying he gave his treasure to Echigyoya who had promised Moe that he would give back double the amount of treasure he had given him. Thinking that Moon doubts him, Moe asks to borrow her phone so that he can call Echigyoya and prove his honesty. However, when trying to call Echigyoya's phone, Moe gets a message saying that his number is no longer being used, and Starly comments on Moe being gullible. Manta-han says that whatever the reason may be, Moe needs to pay him back, but offers an alternative to Moe's delight. He says that within the Jungle, there's a cave that has treasure inside of it, but the cave itself is owned by Kabasoncho. He tells Moe that if he somehow gets him the treasure, that he'll stop asking him to pay him back. In order for Moe to get the deed to the cave, Starfy and Starly have to get the Jungle Manjuu from Funazou, trade it with Kit Fish and Fat Cat to get a Shovel, trade the shovel with Hirao and Hirarin for the Bear-san Rucksack, and give the rucksack to Kabasoncho, who gives Moe the deed to the cave after Manta-han covers the cost of 10,000,000 Pearls.


With the deed in tow, Manta-han tells Starfy that they'll head off to the Treasure Cave, but to be careful. There are many "ferocious beasts" (an enemy named Ringio-kun) that lurk the path to the Treasure Cave. Manta-han finds dealing with them a chore, so he asks Starfy to deal with them (which he does by luring them into cages with meat, similar to how he deals with Piranyan). After dealing with the ferocious beasts and learning the Air Jump from Shurikit, Starfy, Starly, and Moe once again meet up with Manta-han, who congratulates them, but says they could've been a little faster. He asks Moon if she's found Echigyoya, to which she responds by saying that they have him right where they want him. Manta-han says that they're ready to go and tells Moe that they're finally at the cave and can start looking for Echigyoya. When Moe asks how Manta-han knew Echigyoya was in the cave, he simply responds by insulting him, and saying that "when Moe gets to his age, finding small fry like Echigyoya is natural." He was the one who told Echigyoya about the treasure, but that looking for it wouldn't do him any good. Starly catching on to what Manta-han is planning, calls him smart, but Starfy, Moe, and Moon are all left in the dark.


Shortly after Starfy, Moe, and Starly (chasing Kyorozou, who she thought was Moe) encounter Echigyoya, Manta-han reveals himself, shocking Echigyoya. When the crooked fish asks why Manta-han is here, he replies by saying that he came to collect the pearls he's owed. Enraged and so close to the treasure, Echigyoya orders the Mijingou to deal with those in his way. Manta-han then expresses his disdain for bothersome things, and tells Starfy to deal with the Mijingou in 10 seconds or less. After dealing with all 3 groups of Mijingou, the group corner Echigyoya, who wasn't expecting them to make it this far. Before he can call his bodyguard, Enbiraru, for assistance, Manta-han tells him that he's not going to hurt him. He simply tells Echigyoya to read the deed to the cave, saying that everything in this cave belongs to Moe, and that entering it without his permission is the same as breaking into someone's house, and that he'll have to tell people about his transgressions. Echigyoya deeply apologizes, and Manta-han deals the final blow, telling Echigyoya that the treasure is not his, but is Moe's as stated in the deed. Moe thanks Manta-han for sticking up for him, and Starly thinks he's cool, and considers working for him like Moon does. She then notices "another clam", who steals some treasure and runs off, with Moe recognizing that it's his father, Kyorozou. Manta-han says that he has some nerve stealing "his" treasure, and orders Moe to get back the treasure Kyorozou stole. Without needing to tell him twice, Moe tells Starfy and Starly to beat up Kyorozou. They can't do this, however, as Enbiraru blocks their path, which is enough time for Kyorozou to get away.

Post Game

Manta-han can be found in 5-1 during post game, and has a short conversation with Starfy or Starly where he offers them his help with anything pearl related. Moon chimes in and tells them to be careful not to fall for any offers that sound too good to be true.


  • When introducing himself to Starly, he doesn't introduce himself as Manta-han, as you don't use honorifics when referring to yourself in Japanese. Moe is an exception due to his pride, shown with his use of オレさま (Oresama) similar to Puchi Ogura #6 and Wario
  • Manta-han and Starly both share a Kansai accent.
  • Manta-han references the "Southern Sea" (ミナミの海), which may be one of the only mentions of a greater location in the Starfy world. Another is mentioned in Starfy 4's opening, where Papa Star says that the distance between Pufftop and the Amiy Kingdom is extremely large.
  • Manta-han is one of only a handful of characters that uses the word "ワシ" (Washi) to refer to themselves that don't have the honorific "じい" (Jii, like in Yggdra-jii) or "じいさん" (like in Robu-jiisan or Old Man Lobber) in their names. Some other characters who fit this description are Papa Star, Ogura, Kyorozou, and Mashtooth
  • According to the comment on his Trading Card, when people say "the Manta of the Southern Sea", they're referring to Manta-han. It is unknown whether this is due to fame or infamy, but his occupation as a loan shark may point towards the latter.
Mantahan's sprite
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