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Starfright (Reishi, レイシィ in Japan) is one of Bunston's transformations, and the last acquired by Starfy. It is obtained in S.S. Logwater (Stage 7-1), and turns Starfy into a ghost. When Starfy transforms into Starfright, he can attack enemies by sending wisps of purple fire (possibly based on will-o'-the-wisp) that explode harming anything in contact of the blast. He can also momentarily transform into a small purple star and travel through small star-shaped spikes without being harmed. This ability is called Vanish.

A Transforming Stone available in Planet Bunnera's Area Secret 3 grants an upgraded Super Vanish ability which increases the time given for disappearing.


  • The Magic Set transformation in Densetsu no Starfy also allows Starfy to pass through enemies and spikes without getting hurt.
  • Starfright is the only non-animal form that Starfy can take.
  • Starfright's appearance is similar to Hyuruhyuru from the Game Boy Advance series, however the similarities may be coincidental.

Name origin

  • English: Combination of "star" and "fright", as in 'frightening'.
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