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Only in Japan!
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The "Demo glitch", is a bug in Densetsu no Starfy. It has been used in tool-assisted speedruns of the game. The exploitation of the demo glitch allows players to take control of the attract mode and skip to any stage from the second stage.


When to end the demo with the Balloon

When the player waits at the title screen, he or she has chance of viewing the Coral Reef demo where Starfy runs and jumps into the Balloon. If it is exited when Starfy's at around the same x-coordinate of the Balloon, this causes incorrect playback of the next demo, as long as it is the area of Coral Reef where Starfy normally swims past Moe and around the room. Instead of behaving normally, Starfy will swim left into the wall and collide with the floor before swimming back and hitting Moe with a Star Spin. This initiates a conversation with Moe, which ends the playback of the demo because the game expects the player to press the 'A' button or the 'Start' button to continue. After the conversation with Moe has finished, the player is free to control Starfy as if they were using a regular save file.

Factory defaults

If the player saves using the Mermaid or the Suspend Save feature, it will overwrite the existing save that the player was using. The game is considered to be "completed". It will have a star next to the save file, meaning that the player is able to see the post-game title screen. The player is also registered as having seen 1/202 entries in Picture Book, even though he or she won't be able to see it.

  • Access to every stage.
  • All vehicles are unlocked.
  • Starfy has the ability to break the Seal Blocks.
  • The ability to get treasure.

Limitations and drawbacks

Densetsu no Starfy "any% run" in 06:34.6 (TAS)
  • The Picture Book is not full after performing the glitch. Enemies can be registered, however it may become impossible to register story characters (or at least ways to register all of them are unconfirmed). Using the "Picture Book trick" (a combination of the demo glitch, loading a new Suspend Save, and the Suspend Save glitch), one can register a story character.
  • Saving the game after the demo glitch will overwrite the existing data in the relevant save file.

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