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“KONK! KONK! You finally KONK came! You certainly took your KONK time!”
Konk, The Legendary Starfy


Konk (known in Japan as Bonbone) is a recurring boss in The Legendary Starfy series. He is the first boss in the first four games of the series, and also the bonus boss in level 9 of the The Legendary Starfy. He is a well known bully who constantly pesters Starfy and his friends, however he is hardly considered a dangerous threat and is seen as more of an annoying nuisance. He appears to have an odd quirk where in the middle of his sentences, he tends to blurt out the word, "KONK!", hence his name.

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  • Starfy is neither a star or a starfish. When TOSE are asked whether Starfy is a star or a starfish, their policy is to respond that he is neither.
  • Konk, the first secret boss of the The Legendary Starfy is actually a recurring character and enemy/rival of Starfy in the Legendary Starfy series who has acted as the first boss in every Japan-only game.
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