Densetsu no Starfy Gummi Candy

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Densetsu no Starfy Gummi Candy
Only in Japan!
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Densetsu no Starfy Gummi Candy (Japanese: 伝説のスタフィー グミ) are orange and apple flavored gummi candy based on Densetsu no Starfy, produced by Ezaki Glico. The packaging is pink and includes Starfy, Ruby, Konk, a Wahi Wahi and a Pukukame on it. Each package contains a sticker based on Densetsu no Starfy. There are 20 different types of stickers. The candy was sold on March 4, 2003 for 80 yen (excluding tax). It is now discontinued.

This was one of various official merchandise used to promote Densetsu no Starfy as listed on the official mini-site's Goods section.


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