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The Big Starfy stuffed toy

The Big Starfy stuffed toy (Japanese: おっきなぬいぐるみスタフィー, Big stuffed toy Starfy) is a Starfy plush made by Tomy. It was sold from February 27, 2003 for 2500日 (Yen) excluding tax. It is advertised on the goods section of the official Densetsu no Starfy mini-site as a cute stuffed toy that can also be used as a cushion. Its size is 40cm. It is now discontinued.

This was one of various official merchandise used to promote Densetsu no Starfy as listed on the official mini-site's Goods section.

Comparison with the Densetsu no Starfy 4 stuffed toy (right)

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  • On the front cover of Starfy no Daibouken, Saya Kazuki can be seen posing with a big Starfy stuffed toy.
  • On TOSE's official website, a big Starfy stuffed toy can be seen in the coordinator icon for the job type (or "job family") page.
  • The stuffed toy is shown with speedrunner natage (なたげ), also known as hitodena at a RTA in Japan marathon.