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Inputs for activating the demo glitch, a glitch in Densetsu no Starfy which allows the player to skip most of the game, saving time. Another powerful glitch in this game is the Suspend Save glitch

Speedrunning is the process of playing a video game with the aim of completing something in that game as quickly as possible, such as only completing the main story (known as "any%"), full completion of the game, or the completion of a particular challenge (such as aiming for the best score in an area in the ??? stage in The Legendary Starfy).

There are two different branches of speedruns including tool-assisted speedruns (TAS, also stands for tool-assisted superplay) and real time speedrunning (RTA, standing for real-time attack).

Speedruns may also exploit glitches and luck manipulation, or prohibit glitches depending on the category.

Tool-assisted speedruns (TAS)

Tool-assisted speedruns (TASes) generally use emulators or similar tools to slow the game down, often frame by frame and exploit save states (restore points). Players then attempt to come up with a means of completing the game as quickly as possible, often in a way that would not believed to be humanly possible.

Tool-assisted speedruns may involve exploits such as difficult to perform glitches and luck manipulation (as any state of input given the same initial state always returns the same results), however many of those exploits (although potentially difficult) are possible in real time speedrunning as well.

Real time speedruns (RTA)

Real time speedruns aim to beat the game as fast as possible by a human on either an official console or emulator. These are often streamed or recorded as single segment videos, although may sometimes include segmented speedruns which aim to complete the game in multiple videos/parts.

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