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Reason given: Names for the missing Stickers, names in other games (including names for Mermaid, Old Man Lobber in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and any possible changed Korean names since the 3DS/Wii U and Ultimate releases).
Starfy's Trophy as it appears in Daenantu Seumaesibeuradeoseu X

This article is an incomplete table of Korean character and enemy names from The Legendary Starfy series as they appear in the South Korean release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Korean: 대난투 스매시브라더스 X, revised romanization: Daenantu Seumaesibeuladeoseu X).

English name Korean name Revised romanization McCune-Reischauer romanization
Starfy 스타피 Seutapi Sŭt’ap’i
Starly 스타핑 Seutaping Sŭt’ap’ing
Mattel 마텔[1] Matel Mat’el
Moe 쿄로스케[2] (unconfirmed) Kyoroseuke K’yorosŭk’e
Chonmagyo ? ? ?
Seiuchi-Kun ? ? ?
Herman ? ? ?
Wario 와리오 Wario Wario


  • An unofficial way of rendering Starly is "스타삐" (revised romanization: Seutappi, McCune-Reischauer romanization: Sŭt’appi).
  • An unofficial way of rendering Ogura is "오구라" (revised romanization/McCune-Reischauer romanization: Ogura).
  • An unofficial way of rendering Moe's old Game Boy Color Japanese name; Kyororon (Japanese: キョロロン) is "쿄로론" (revised romanization: Kyororon, McCune-Reischauer romanization: K’yororon).

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