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The Sea Adventure Begins...!? and Go with the Specialty Technique!!

Starfy Four Cell Theater (Japanese: スタフィー四コマ劇場, Sutafī Yonkoma Gekijuu) is a series of 14 yonkoma manga. They are collated in the booklet for volume 1 of the Densetsu no Starfy manga by Yumiko Sudō after the last chapter; False Starfy Appearance Fii!. Similar 4-koma comics do not appear in the booklet for volume 2 or the booklet for the Densetsu no Starfy R manga.

Manga summaries

Below are summaries for the fourteen yonkoma manga that appear, in order.

The Sea Adventure Begins...!? (Japanese: 海の冒険、 始まり...!?)

Starfy is falling from Pufftop Palace and decides to glide to fall gently. He says his adventure is about to begin. He starts to cry when he is almost about to hit the sea though, saying he cannot quite begin.

Go with the Signature Move!! (Japanese: 得意技でゴー!!)

Old Man Lobber introduces his name and talks about Starfy's signature move — the Star Spin. Starfy uses it but he ends up moving off the cell very fast. Old Man Lobber comments that he was maybe a little too enthusiastic.

New Ability Appearance!! (Japanese: 新アクション登場!!)

Starfy shows off his Spin Jump ability which he uses to go out of the water. Back in the water, he shows off his Turbo Swim ability. He then shows off a "lazy swim" by lying down underwater. The lazy swim isn't an actual ability in the games.

Starfy Super Pinch!! (Japanese: スタフィー超ピンチ!!)

Starfy and Moe are swallowed by The Whale. After a while of saying they are in the said place, Moe gets out a knife and talks about having fried steak.

Moe's Vehicle (Japanese: キョロスケののりもの)

Starfy is riding the Balloon and comments that the strong wind helps him fly well. Starfy sees something in the background that looks like a Balloon, so he flies over to see it. It turns out to be Moe falling with his body stretched, shocking Starfy.

To the Sky with the Balloon!! (Japanese: 気球で大空へ!!)

Starfy is riding the Balloon and Old Man Lobber comments that he also wants a ride. Old Man Lobber rides the Balloon but tears the material open with one of his claws, causing the Balloon to fly everywhere and a lot of air get released.

Twice of Anything (Japanese: なんでも2倍)

Starfy gets his Game Boy Advance out and talks about Densetsu no Starfy 2 that Starfy says is double the fun. He goes to put it in his Game Boy Advance, although the cartridge appears to be too big.

"2" Early Release!! (Japanese:「2」早くも発売!!)

Moe is running a game shop and says he has "Starfy 2" available. Starfy asks for it but he just gives Starfy two copies of Densetsu no Starfy instead of Densetsu no Starfy 2.

Who is the Protagonist? (Japanese: 主役はだれだ!!)

Moe says he is the protagonist of Densetsu no Starfy 2. Starfy says he is wrong and says he is the protagonist. Starfy hears Mama Star behind him, who winks at them.

Moe's Ambition!! (Japanese: キョロスケの野望!!)

Starfy receives a lot of postcards from characters including Old Man Lobber, Lovely, one of the Jellato Sisters, Konk and Lovely including what Starfy thinks is the greatest name — Moe. Old Man Lobber comments that Starfy can't vote for himself.

Using the Sealed Jar (Japanese: 封印のツボの使いかた)

Starfy picks up the jar and says it sucks up bad things. He uses it to suck up some dust on the floor.

A New Signature Move!? (Japanese: 新たな得意技!?)

Ogura transforms into his final form and asks Starfy if he can also transform. Starfy tries really hard to transform but ends up wearing himself out.

Autumn is the Season of Ogura!? (Japanese: 秋はオーグラの季節!?)

Starfy and Moe are relaxing sometime in Autumn, when Ogura suddenly appears. Starfy and Moe are angry to see Ogura but he is surprisingly friendly and eats some vegetables with Starfy and Moe.

Sealed Jar Secret (Japanese: 封印のツボのヒミツ)

Starfy is happy to have trapped Ogura in the jar. Moe thinks it must be tight in there but he is surprised to see Ogura relaxing in a tidy room eating food. Moe is jealous and wants to trap himself in the jar.