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While Nintendo does not endorse fan-games of its intellectual property, fans of The Legendary Starfy series have produced numerous unofficial Starfy games. Some of these are listed, below.

I wanna get the five stars!

Title screen

I wanna get the five stars!, known the same in Japanese, though games like this are often shortened to "Aiwana" (Japanese: アイワナ) is one of many Japanese games based on the PC game "I Wanna Be the Guy".

It was created by five Niconico users called Minazuki, Kurain, Doruppi, Mario and Carnival using the software GameMaker and has at least two versions. Version 1.0 was released on August 17th 2013, and Version 1.1 was released on October 6, 2013. [1]

There is a stage in this game based on The Legendary Starfy series. Kurain is credited as 'being in charge' of it in terms of its creation. Additionally, on the title screen a star-like creature can be seen five times. In the top-left section of the title screen it has pink cheeks like Starfy, but it may not be based on Starfy.


In this platformer game, the player has to clear five stages set in Star World from the Mario series. The protagonist, is named called the "Kid", like in the original I Wanna Be the Guy. He can jump up to two times (or infinitely in water) and shoot with his gun. There are occasional traps which are apparently meant to surprise the player and cause the Kid to die. For example, in the Legendary Starfy series stage, one of the traps has pink coral from the ocean floor rise up into the air and touching the coral will kill the Kid.

There are five red level 'marks' in the Star World, with each one holding a stage. The bottom course is based on Kirby's Dream Land 3, the left-most course is based on Densetsu no Starfy 2 and features Buirun from Densetsu no Starfy 3 as its boss, the north-left most course is based on the Mega Man 4, the north-right most course is based on Super Mario Bros. 3, and the right most course is based on Ganbare Goemon 3.

The Legendary Starfy series stage

Lobber's Cave in "I wanna get the five stars!"

The left-most course from Star World is based on Densetsu no Starfy 2 and features Buirun, a Boss from Densetsu no Starfy 3. Kurain is credited as being 'in charge' of the creation of this stage. The boss music that plays in the battle with Buirun is Boss Battle from The Legendary Starfy and he will fire balls (possibly electric) at the player.

The first section of this stage is set in a version of Lobber's Cave that is most like the version from Densetsu no Starfy 2, although the tune Torrent's Waterfall plays there, not Lobber's Cave. The enemies and obstacles there include Korasu, Bobfin, flying coral, spikes, Sukesuke and Kaiden like enemies.

At the end of the Lobber's Cave section there is a cardboard box that the Kid must enter, but apples that can kill the Kid fly out of it at first, including one giant apple.

After entering it, it leads the Kid to an ice stage where the tune Slippery Ice Alpine plays. Apples will fly out of the box again until eventually a big apple breaks two silver 'floor' blocks. Through the blocks is a large room with a Pingoon only capable of turning and a large rotating spiked ball. After pushing a button, the player can advance to an area where they have to use Barikkus as platforms, which alternate between their spiky (deadly) and brick forms. After the Kid pushes a switch to remove some spikes, there is a room past where the spikes were where two Mejiro can be found and a hidden Bu behind a rock.

West of there is a section with moving Korasu and another flying coral trap. When the Kid reaches the top of the room that follows, the scenery will change back to like Lobber's Cave again, and the Kid can jump up to an area where Buirun must be fought.

Buirun will attack will green and blue energy balls, possibly made of electricity which may split into a circle of smaller balls. When he is defeated, Buirun will leave behind a star and when the star is collected, the stage is cleared.

【実況】I wanna get the five stars!【アイワナ】Part1 by suserua

Moe-sama's Adventure

The title screen of Moe-sama's Adventure

Moe-sama's Adventure (Japanese: キョロスケさまの冒険, Kyorosuke-sama's Adventure) is a flash game based on The Legendary Starfy series, starring Moe, hosted on Ankohouse. As of June 2014, Ankohouse has remove all flash games from its site, including Moe-sama's Adventure.

It was submitted by 'Black Shark' (Japanese: 黒鮫) on June 2nd, 2006. [2] The game was programmed and designed by Miko Aisa.

How to play

Click on the area above the Pearl meter (Japanese: 真珠) to begin a game. Control Moe with the mouse.

The objective of the game is to keep the Pearl meter above zero for as long as possible by touching Starfy with a Pearl for +10 points or occasionally Starly with a Pearl for +50 points. There are enemies which drain the Pearl meter when touched, including Zuratta (-5 points) and Ogura (-50 points). Points will be gained the further Moe travels. While accumulating points, King Dedede will occasionally appear at the bottom of the playable area with a bag of Pearls, although it seems trying to interact with him does nothing.

Holding the mouse button down will make Moe move faster but will also make the Pearl meter deplete faster. Holding the mouse button down will decrease the amount of points gained for touching Starfy and Starly but it also decreases the amount of points lost for touching Zuratta and Ogura.

When the Pearl meter has decreased to zero the player can no longer move Moe upwards with the mouse (although it is still possible to move him left or right) or hold the mouse button down to make Moe move faster, but the Pearl meter can be increased above zero again if Moe touches Starfy or Starly while he is falling. The game ends when Moe falls through the bottom of the screen. Moe can only fall through the bottom of the screen if the Pearl meter is at zero.

Moe-sama's RPG

The title screen of Moe-sama's RPG.

Moe-sama's RPG (Japanese: キョロスケ様のRPG, Kyorosuke-sama no RPG) is a fan Legendary Starfy game featuring Moe. It appears to use an RPG Maker engine. Gameplay involves Moe traveling around Starfy's world. There are random turn-based encounters with pixelated enemies such as Unu and Jellysquish in which Moe fights by himself.

Two videos of the fan-game were published by Jinraku365 (Japanese: 仁楽365) on NicoNico on December 25, 2015 and have since been mirrored on Youtube.

Starfy 3D

Starfy's surroundings in the second version of the demo after the game has loaded.

Starfy 3D (Japanese: スタフィー3D) or Densetsu no Starfy 3D (Japanese: 伝説のスタフィー3D) is a work in progress for an unofficial Starfy game created using the game creation system Unity. The software "Blender" was used for modelling. The game was made by Niconico user Bean Jam. It is still at a demo stage, and it is not known whether the demo will be made into a full game. Bean Jam stated that he is looking for someone to make the game together with.[3]

On Niconico, footage from the game was uploaded in five parts, in five videos called [Unity] 3D Starfy creation attempt part 1 [Densetsu no Starfy], [Unity] 3D Starfy creation attempt part 2 [Densetsu no Starfy], [Unity] 3D Starfy creation attempt part 3 [Densetsu no Starfy], [Unity] 3D Starfy creation attempt part 4 [Densetsu no Starfy] and [Unity] 3D Starfy creation attempt part 5 [Densetsu no Starfy]. The first part was uploaded on July 19, 2014. The second part was uploaded on August 3rd, 2014. The third part was uploaded on August 19th, 2014. The fourth part was uploaded on September 19, 2014. The fifth part was uploaded on October 19, 2014.

In part 2, Bean Jam provided a link to a playable demo on UnityGameUploader, and a link to what may have been intended to be model files as well, but the link appears to be broken.

From September 10th 2014, Bean Jam started to upload the Niconico videos to Youtube on his channel.

Playable demo

A playable demo of the game is hosted on UnityGameUploader. To play it, UnityWebPlayer must be installed, but this can be installed from the same page the demo is hosted. Apparently, Starfy is designed to be 36cm tall, like he is described in Becky, Saya Kazuki and ℃-ute's version of the series Title Song.

Version 1

The game starts with no title screen, with Starfy on a checkered black and white floor. Near Starfy is a Winna that does not harm Starfy, and it is possible to move through it. When Starfy is in the air, the Winna will jump up to him, like in the Game Boy Advance games.

To the north, from west to east, there are marble colored 'steps', a yellow square with Starfy's face on, three of these squares on top of each other, a tall block and "Unity-chan" (Japanese: ユニティちゃん), who appears as a woman with long blonde hair, wearing blue and brown overwear, orange ear-like thread coming out of her hair, and orange and black checkered 'tights'. The woman is animated and occasionally blinks. Nearby here, there is a light-blue block that Starfy can roll by trying to Walk or Dash on it.

Further north, from west to east, there is a green and brown 'army' colored globe (but half of it is under the ground), a planet resembling Earth floating in the air that rotates, 'marble' colored platforms (called 'lifts') that move up and down, and slightly south of these; a 'marble' colored slope that Starfy can walk up.

North-east from the platforms there is a vast, mainly barren area of light-brown ground, grass, and some rocks. There seems to be nothing there, except for some mountains, but it is surrounded by water (east of the platforms) that Starfy can submerge in.

Starfy can go off the map boundaries and fall into the surrounding space to seemingly no return.

Version 2

White "Click to Start!" text was implemented into the demo for when the game starts or is paused. When the game is paused, there is white "Esc: Exit" text on the top-left corner of the screen. The lighting in this game seems to have changed; but whether the actual mechanics were changed is unclear. Starfy seems to be brighter, but the planet and the army colored globe seem to be darker.

The background is no longer a plain blue, and instead is a lighter blue with clouds. More 'Starfy face' blocks have been added west of the Starfy blocks in version 1, and for each pile from east to west the blocks are of a smaller stack. Additionally, the original pile of Starfy blocks is taller.

West of the globe is a huge field full of trees, with other plants. There is also tree bark on the floor that can be moved through, and a 'metal' moving platform in the field that can be stood on, which goes all the way back to the checkered floor area. A path of soil cuts through the middle of the field. The field is surrounded by a wall, and there are rocks beside it that Starfy can jump on. The wall can be climbed.

North west of the field is a beach, water, rocks, and a tunnel. One of the rocks (a big boulder) can be moved through, but not the others. Starfy can actually submerge himself in the water, where he may sink, but the player can make Starfy rise up by holding/repeatedly pressing space or stop sinking by walking around. Starfy can do a forward swim if the player holds down the right mouse button (normally used for gliding). Through the tunnel is an area of sand shaped like a circle, connected to the main area of sand through a submerged area.

Like version 1, it is possible for Starfy to go off the map boundaries and fall into the surrounding space to seemingly no return.

South from the starting area there are ten 2x2 blocks, one of which is a smaller light brown block inside a green block.

The east-most block is light brown, but is not to be confused with the smaller block. Seven of the other blocks are green and have missing faces. One of the blocks is textured like a dark brown, bumpy wall, but has missing faces like most of the other blocks. Two of the green blocks and the dark brown block appear to be in the air. It is possible to get trapped in the green blocks that seem to be in the air by moving through their missing face, because it blocks Starfy from the inside.

The west-most block is green, and west of it is a dark blue 'block face' floating in the air, that disappears from view when seen from above. West of it there is a blue block face that can only be seen from above, and Starfy can stand on it.

East of Unity-chan there is a huge rectangular area of water that Starfy can swim in.

Version 3 (4?)

  1. Music was added to the demo. The music was created by a program called i2sm that generates audio based on an image.
  2. Support for the first person perspective was added. The camera does not turn when Starfy Star Spins.
  3. A 'current' mechanic was added to water, like how some bodies of water have a current in the official Legendary Starfy games. Stream particles can be seen out of water too, acting as wind.
  4. Bubbles were added, though they may be hard to see.
  5. A door mechanic was added; said to be like "anywhere door" (this probably refers to the gadget in Doraemon). Open doors let Starfy warp elsewhere in the map.

Version 4 (5?)

  1. Brown blocks were added to the demo, which can be destroyed by Starfy's Star Spin. An effect can be seen where they break up into fragments. No sound effect was added for this, but Bean Jam suggests he wants to add one.
  2. An underwater cave resembling a submarine was added.
  3. A river was added, but Starfy's interaction with it wasn't working as expected.


The controls are listed in Japanese on Bean Jam's site.[4]

Below is a table of what the controls are in English:

Key(s) Action
W, A, S, D W makes Starfy move north. A makes Starfy move down. S makes Starfy move west. D makes Starfy move east.
When combined with the left mouse button, it makes Starfy Dash.
Arrow keys Works like W, A, S, D, with the directions working as expected (↑ meaning move north, etc.).
Left mouse button Makes Starfy do a Star Spin. Resumes the game when paused.
When combined with W, A, S, D or the arrow keys, it makes Starfy Dash.
Right mouse button Makes Starfy Glide (when held in the air).
Mouse movement Adjusts the camera. Moving the mouse down/up moves the camera up/down (respectively).
Moving the mouse left/right makes the camera move right/left (respectively).
Space Makes Starfy Jump or Air Jump while in the air.
Shift Makes Starfy Duck (glitchy) or Duck & Slide when Dashing. In version 2, it can be used to do a forward Swim while in water.
Escape Pause

It is possible to 'jump' while gliding, unlike in the official Legendary Starfy games. In version 1, doing this causes Starfy to rise while still gliding before coming back down. In version 2, though it is still possible to jump while gliding, Starfy is made to stop gliding after a jump.

In version 1 of the demo, somehow it is possible to keep moving while Ducking without doing a Duck & Slide. This is not confirmed in version 2.



Moe-sama's RPG Part 1 (Youtube)
Moe-sama's RPG Part 2 (Youtube)
Archived footage of Moe-sama's Adventure (Youtube)

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