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“If only Ma could see me... She'd flip outta her shell! Me, in hot water with two princes.”
Moe, The Legendary Starfy

Moe (Official Artwork).png
Japanese Name キョロスケ, Kyorosuke
Korean Name* 두리번, Dulibeon
iQue Name* 蛤蜊杰, Gélíjié
Species Clam
Family Unnamed mother (deceased), Kyorozou (father, deceased), three younger siblings, Chorosuke (cousin)
Affiliates Starfy, Starly, Herman, Bunston, Ruby
Location/Residence Moe's House, Pufftop
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy (GBC)
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Moe (Kyorosuke in Japan) is a character who is a clam and is also Starfy's best friend. He is sometimes depicted as being rude, but has good intentions at heart. He lives in the Pufftop Palace with Starfy and Starly, and shares their palace. He sometimes speaks with slang words and phrases, like "yowza", and "I'm Just Ribbin' Ya, Starf!" too.

In Japanese versions, like his father Kyorozou; Moe uses the slang term "ome" (Japanese: オメェ) to refer to others.

It is reported that he is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi in Japanese commercials but it is unclear whether Yamaguchi also voiced Moe in the Japanese version of The Legendary Starfy.



Moe and his family's tragic past.

During his youth Moe's parents fell out with each other and Moe's mother was forced out of her home. She moved out with her children into a smaller, less accommodating home. Soon after, she became ill and presumably died. Moe has been taking care of his three siblings ever since the loss of his mother. Later in Densetsu no Starfy 3, Moe met up with his father, Kyorozou on various occasions. Tragically, in Old Castle's Area 3, Kyorozou sacrificed his life for Moe when Moe was hit by a lightning attack by Evil, after Kyorozou went in Moe's place and pushed him away to try and endure the attack.

Densetsu no Starfy

Starfy meets Moe and Fork for the first time.
Moe and his siblings celebrating at the end of the game.

Starfy first meets Moe in Coral Reef. Before meeting Moe, Herman reveals that his friend Moe is being chased by bad guys, so Herman wants Starfy to help him. Either Fork or his brother is seen swimming away, so Starfy follows him until he gets to a room where Fork is picking on Moe with his brother. After Starfy defeats them, Moe reveals that "his dearest" Ruby was kidnapped by a bad guy known as Konk. It was then Fork and his brother chased after him. Starfy and Moe later become good friends, and Moe joins Starfy on his quest back to Pufftop, offering advice. After destroying the Dentalium Shell and the Kettle that were blocking the water in Coral Reef from flowing, Starfy finds and defeats Konk. Ruby returns and Moe is much happy to see her again. Starfy and Moe advance to Stranded Whale and Moe continues to tag along with Starfy and offer him advice until the end of their journey, after which Moe stays with Starfy in Pufftop Palace.

In the second staff credits, it is revealed that Moe lives in a rundown house with his three siblings, and they are all crying because they wanted some meat, a teddy bear, and a Game Boy Advance. However, Moe couldn't get them those things since they didn't had the money, and what he said caused them to cry again. Moe then tried to figure out where he can get some money, but before he thought of something he saw Ruby and followed her instead which led to meeting and becoming great friends with Starfy. Later after Starfy defeated Ogura once and for all with Moe sealing Ogura back inside the jar, Moe was rewarded with treasure for helping Starfy. Then, Moe uses the treasure to get the things his siblings wanted. The siblings then grabbed the things they wanted and all the four clams dance at the end of the second staff credits.

Densetsu no Starfy 2

At the beginning of the game, when the Puchi Ogura cause a storm to hit Pufftop Palace like the one in Densetsu no Starfy, Starfy hides in Moe's shell for safety from the storm and the debris but when Ogura kidnaps Mama Star, Starfy has no choice but to run after them.

Ogura leads Starfy to the edge of Pufftop Palace and Ogura floats down towards the ocean. Starfy cries and runs off to rescue Mama Star. Moe clings on to Starfy, telling him that it would take much effort for him to return to Pufftop. Starfy resists, so Starfy and Moe both fall off the edge of Pufftop on to a beach. Moe moans at Starfy, who is tearful and Starfy begins to cry, which Moe finds annoying. Starfy eventually stops crying. Moe asks Starfy to follow him and reassures him that he can get help from Old Man Lobber when he is troubled.

As in Densetsu no Starfy, Moe tags along with Starfy throughout his adventure, offering him advice and interacting with other characters. After beating Area 5 of Turtle Turtle Land, Moe's House appears on the Map and can then be accessed from the Map of any Stage or the Stage Select screen via the R button.

Densetsu no Starfy 3

At the beginning of the game, after Evil destroys the jar, Ogura flees and says he won't be defeated as long as he has his 'personage' by his side. Moe wonders what Ogura means by his personage and he and Papa Star discuss the situation. Papa Star decides that as the problem stands they cannot afford to leave it alone. He tells Moe and Starfy that they must pursue Ogura and defeat him somehow. Moe becomes angry and calls Papa Star an idiot. He notes that the jar has already been smashed into pieces, and believes on all accounts their adventure isn't going to be beneficial. Papa Star becomes angry with Moe and asks "what are you talking about?", arguing that the peace of Pufftop is at stake.

Later, Starly appears. She jumps around Pufftop Palace and bounces off Moe. She asks why Starfy and others are "wasting time", which angers Moe. Starly pushes both Starfy and Moe off of the edge of Pufftop towards the ocean while they resist. Starly successfully pushes them off of the edge and then jumps off with them. As in Densetsu no Starfy and Densetsu no Starfy 2, this time accompanied with both Starly and Moe, Starfy arrives at Lobber's Cave.

Like in Densetsu no Starfy and Densetsu no Starfy 2, Moe tags along with Starfy (and this time Starly), offers them advice and interacts with other characters. After beating Coral Coast's Area 3, Moe's House becomes available from any Area Select or the Stage Select via the R button.

On various occasions, beginning in the Jungle, Moe reunites with his father Kyorozou. Tragically, in Old Castle's Area 3, Kyorozou sacrificed his life for Moe when Moe was hit by a lightning attack by Evil, after Kyorozou went in Moe's place and pushed him away to try and endure the attack.

In Old Castle’s Area 3, Evil trapped Starfy and Starly in an electric ring and he trapped Moe in an electric cage and threatens to kill Moe. Evil will only let Moe live if he lies and tells Starfy and Starly to swim in the ring which would kill them. Moe refuses and he tells them to not touch the ring thus saving their lives. Angry that Moe said the opposite of what Evil wanted him to say, Evil then tries to electrocute Moe to death but Kyorozou pushes him away sacrificing himself to save Moe’s life.

Densetsu no Starfy 4

At the beginning of the game, Moe is hesitant as usual to go on another adventure after Mattel informs Starfy, Moe and their associates of the Amiy Kingdom's crisis but when Starly starts to talk about Ruby, Moe reconsiders and is excited to see her in the Amiy Kingdom. Moe says they should go and hear what the Old Man Lobber has to say first. As before, Starfy, Starly and Moe jump off Pufftop Palace into the ocean but this time they meet Old Man Lobber in his villa in the Amiy Kingdom, although they land straight into his bonsai tree, ruining it, so they have to find a Repair Kit to fix it first.

Moe still tags along with Starfy and Starly, however, most of the time they have to speak to him via a Public Telephone and all of the Public Telephones with the exception of two in the final Area only appear before beating the game.

Moe's House returns in Densetsu no Starfy 4, and can be accessed in Cupid Village after exposing Akureima's disguise of Ruby and then rescuing the real Ruby. It can then be accessed from any City or from the Stage Select either by touching its icon or via the R button.

In Degil's Castle, Starfy must extinguish the Hearts of Conflict for Arasoinomon. Mattel teaches Starfy the Powerful Spin Spill ability; an ability that can do this, and comments that Starfy is the first to learn it because he and Moe are great friends, but Moe ran away after falling into conflict with Starfy, so Starfy has to retrieve him.

After beating Degil for the first time, after Starfy sees Mattel hugging Prince Coral and finds out that Mattel is his fiancee, he becomes depressed and stays in his room sad and lonely in Pufftop Palace, so Moe tries to cheer him up but fails. When Starfy, Starly and Moe obtain all 36 Answers Cards and truly defeats Degil, Starfy, Starly and Moe stand on a hill watching over the Amiy Castle. He and the others attend Coral and Mattel's wedding afterwards and Mattel thanks everyone, in particular Starfy for his help in saving the Amiy Kingdom.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Moe (as "Kyorosuke") appears as one of the collectable stickers in the Nintendo fighting game Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. His sticker boost the magic attacks of Peach and Zelda by 8.

The Legendary Starfy

At the beginning of the game, Moe states that Bunston jumped into the ocean. At the end when Starfy is about to fight Mega Mashtooth, Starfy had gotten hurt, so Moe encouraged him saying: "Go for it Starf, Get up! No time for a nap! SOCK HIM FOR ME!" and at this, Starfy goes to the final battle.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Moe appears as a spirit, he is a novice primary shield spirit with one support slot, his battle is on the Tortimer Island stage against Pac-Man who his shield has extra durability and often uses the said move.


Moe's "Glittering Eyes"

Treasure hunting is a hobby of Moe's. In The Legendary Starfy, instead of helping Starfy chase the kidnapped Bunston, he focuses on finding treasure. When Starfy is around treasure, Moe's eyes will glitter with pictures of the nearby find if the player has Moe's Sniffer turned on. This feature can be selected by tapping the small Moe at the bottom of the screen.

Moe also loves to eat fine foods. He apparently likes dumplings, as in The Legendary Starfy, there is a mini-game game called Dumpling Master, where Starly and Starfy create dumplings for Moe to eat. The player and Starly create the dumplings, and Starly gives them to Starfy to pass on to Moe. If Moe does not receive a decent amount, he will become furious and his top shell will bounce up and down. Moe will, at the end of the mini-game, tell the player how many dumplings they made. The official United States website for The Legendary Starfy says he enjoys urchin nachos. This is confirmed in-game when Moe tells Bunston that one of his and Starfy's specialties are urchin nachos.

In The Legendary Starfy, Moe has his own talk show, which he calls "The Moe Show". Random guests will appear, and the character and Moe will have a small conversation. Sometimes, Starfy will appear on the show; other times, supporting characters and even bosses, such as the Hot Spring Snapper from Hotcha Springs appear.

Moe also has a crush on another Starfy character, Ruby; a zebra turkeyfish. Whenever Moe is around Ruby, he becomes quiet, calm, and nicer than usual. It should be noted that in The Legendary Starfy (in one of the earlier levels) that Moe's three younger siblings tells Starfy that Moe has a crush on someone. Later, they tell Starfy that the someone is, in fact, Ruby. Moe is also openly flirtatious towards Savako in ways that may be considered rude.

In the Japanese games, he refers to himself as 'ore-sama' (Japanese: オレさま), which may be seen as being arrogant, but Moe is good at heart, giving Starfy the support he needs to fulfill his quest. In Densetsu no Starfy he took Pufftop Palace's treasure, but he later used it to buy meat, a teddy bear, and a Game Boy Advance for his siblings.

Moe has had a number of fears in the games. In Densetsu no Starfy, he was afraid of Dolfy, a dolphin. In Densetsu no Starfy 3, he was afraid of Mantahan, a manta.

In The Legendary Starfy, he showed signs of being afraid of Mega Snark. In the Side Quest "A Little Lost" he was afraid of Squirt #5's voice, who he mistook for a bird monster.


Being a clam, Moe's shell gives him protection. Despite this, he still complains about heat and cold. Despite having no legs he can still move easily. Also he can leap into the air.

Moe can also dig into the ground and pop out of the ground quickly. He usually only does this to hide.

Moe can also survive great falls as in most of the games he along with Starfy usually plummet out of Pufftop into the ocean (with the exception of Densetsu no Starfy where Starfy first met him only after starting his journey).

Moe apparently has enough room in his shell to hold Starfy or Bunston while closing it but somehow they make impressions from the inside.

In Densetsu no Starfy 4, Starfy can use an ability to team up with something that looks like Moe to perform the Spill ability Powerful Spin, during which Starfy grabs him from the back and spins while holding him. They move very quickly and start suffering from dizziness after the ability is finished. The real Moe likely is not involved since Starfy can use this ability when Moe runs away in Degil's Castle.

Beside the Powerful Spin, Moe has no physical attacks. He usually simply stands on the sidelines of Starfy and Starly's adventures and offers them advice. In The Legendary Starfy, he looks for treasure and helps Starfy find it via Moe's Sniffer.



  • Before the official release of Densetsu no Starfy, Moe was referred to as キョロロン (Kyororon) in the Game Boy Color trial demo rather than キョロスケ (Kyorosuke). The name Kyororon may give cuter connotations than Kyorosuke in Japanese, so it may have been changed to better fit Moe (with his rude way of speaking).