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Japanese Name オオタルイカ
Fan Name* Big Barrel Squid
Species Squid
Family Taruika (subordinates), One son that wears a bow-tie (Yumiko Sudō manga)
Affiliates Starfy, Moe, Chuta
Location/Residence Deep Sea, Pitch Dark Cave, Kachiwari Iceberg
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy (GBC)
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3

Ootaruika (literally meaning Big Barrel Squid) is the boss of the Barrel Squids. Just like his subordinates, he wears a barrel and sometimes goes inside it. He gave Chuta a Barrel in Densetsu no Starfy 2 after losing his pot.

In Densetsu no Starfy 2

While trying to find Chuta's lost Octo-Pot, Starfy encounters Big Barrel Squid at Chutah's request. Concerned for his friend, Big Barrel Squid offers a spare barrel he has since he doesn't have the Octo-Pot. Big Barrel Squid then offers to take Starfy back to Chuta and Moe if he doesn't want to swim all the way back.

Post Game

During the post game, Big Barrel Squid, in a room he forbids his underlings from entering, is in the middle of writing (assumedly) a love poem. When Starfy talks to him, he gets embarrassed and begs him to not tell the Barrel Squids, fearing what they might think of him. It's possible that this poem is addressed to Jellata, one of the Jellato Sisters, as they are pen pals.

In Densetsu no Starfy 3

Found in the 3rd stage of Kachiwari Iceberg, Big Barrel Squid is admiring the snowy landscape of the area, and wonders if he should write a poem before Moe asks him if he's seen a kid who looks like Starfy. Big Barrel Squid says that he hasn't seen them, but that they might be stuck due to the high amount of water currents in the area. He suggests to go ask Chutah to Mighty Star Spin if they plan on potentially rescuing the kid they were talking about. Talking to Big Barrel Squid again, he points out that Starfy looks extremely unmotivated, and that he won't catch Ogura with that look in his eyes.

Post Game

Talking to Big Barrel Squid during the post game, he asks if Starfy came to look at the scenery as well. He says that this area is perfect as he won't be interrupted, and informs the player that by pressing and holding the Select Button during the game's Staff Roll, that they can get rid of the credits.

In the manga (Yumiko Sudō)

Ootaruika appears in the fourth chapter of volume two, Courage Wars Fii!. Starfy and Moe had entered a dangerous cave disregarding a warning sign. They ended up getting themselves in danger, but were rescued by Ootaruika. Ootaruika becomes angry with Starfy and Moe for ignoring the warning sign. They tell him they're fine, but he calls them idiots and throws them out of the cave. Later Ootaruika saves Starfy from spiked fish after Starfy attempted to save Moe, who had slipped into the water, but ended up putting himself in danger. Starfy and Moe tell Ootaruika that he was courageous, but Ootaruika is still mad at them and tosses them out of the cave again. Ootaruika is later seen going inside his house. Starfy and Moe secretly follow him, but they leave shortly once they see him crying by a picture of his son. Starfy leaves his seashell he caught while fishing behind. Ootaruika finds it and puts it near his son's picture.


  • Big Barrel Squid, like many old men in the series, uses the pronoun Washi in Japanese in Starfy 1. In Starfy 2 and 3, however, he uses the pronoun Ore instead.
    • Unlike the many old characters that use Washi, he does not have the honorific Jii (じい) or Jiisan じいさん) in his name.
  • Though it is unclear, Big Barrel Squid may have a crush on Jellata due to the poem he writes to her being somewhat romantic in nature, and the fact that he gets embarrassed about it. (Though he only tells Starfy not to tell the Barrel Squids that he writes poems, not that he's writing to his crush).


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