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DnS4 Lovely.JPEG
Japanese Name ラブリー, Raburī
iQue Name* 小甜甜, Xiǎotiántián
Species Fish
Affiliates Lovelove, Loverin, Savako, Maniankou
Location/Residence Sea of Ice, Lobber's Cave, Crackling Volcano
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4

Lovely is a white and pink fish with big lips. She is a common character in the series who appears in every game except The Legendary Starfy. She owns a shop in Densetsu no Starfy 2 and is played by player 1 in Love Love Love Volley.

Lovely may say "よん" or "ねぇん" or "あらーん/"あらぁん" in her dialogue, in a way that implies her speech is 'sticky'.

According to Funazou, she also has a "♥808 Pink Pearl Type" mobile phone, red seabream model for girls, of which there are only three of in the world. One of these was dropped by Puchi Ogura #9.


  • While Lovely owns a wig like her sisters, she doesn’t seem to wear it as often, only really wearing her wig in Starfy 2 after buying all the items from her second batch of items in her store.
  • Lovely owns multiple shops in the series, even in the Amiy Kingdom. However, in both Starfy 3 and 4, she leaves those shops to characters who don’t seem to want to run them. Jojiro in 3 (where she runs off to Crackling Volcano, leaving him in charge), and Manianko in 4 after he loses a game of Mahjong which he bet on running the Amiy Kingdom branch of Lovely’s Shop.
  • In Starfy 4, when talking to Lobber before entering 1-4, Moe uses the word お兄さん (in this context meaning “guy” or “mister”) when referring to Lovely. This is after Moe corrects himself before he says, most likely, オカマ/Okama (see definition 4). A term Moe has said before when describing Squirt #4.


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