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The Legendary Starfy
The Legendary Starfy NA Boxart.jpg
Developer(s) TOSE/Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Miki Fujii, Kazuki Yoshihara,
Assistant director:
Yurie Hattori
Producer(s) Yasuhiro Minamimoto,
Hitoshi Yamagami
Character Design Koutarou Shinoki
Composer(s) Morihiro Iwamoto (Sound),
Voice of Starfy: Satomi Kōrogi
Release date(s) Japan</span July 10, 2008
USA June 8, 2009
Australia October 10, 2009
Genre "Marine Action" game (platformer with elements of swimming in the water), Platformer
Rating(s) CERO: CERO: All ages
ESRB: ESRB: Everyone 6+
ACB: ACB: General
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer (Single card and Multi-card)
Serial code(s) NTR-YSSJ-JPN (Japanese version)
NTR-Y5YE-USA (North American trial version)
NTR-YSSE-USA (North American version)
NTR-YSSE-AUS (Australian version)

The Legendary Starfy, known in Japan as Densetsu no Stafy: Taiketsu! Daīru Kaizokudan (Japanese: 伝説のスタフィー たいけつ!ダイール海賊団, literally Legendary Starfy Confrontation: Mashtooth's Pirate Squad, also referred to as [The Legendary Starfy] Confrontation: Dire Pirate Squad in Nintendo Power[1]), is a "Marine Action" game produced by Nintendo and TOSE with elements of platforming, for the Nintendo DS.

It is the first localized game in the The Legendary Starfy series. It was originally released in Japan on July 10, 2008, and on February 26, 2009 it appeared on an upcoming list of videogames to be released in North America on June 8, 2009 on the Nintendo's Online Press Room website. The game was actually released in North America one day earlier than scheduled.

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While Starfy is sleeping in his bed, he is suddenly awoken by a rabbit-like creature in a spacesuit that crashes through his ceiling. Three shady goons appear and try to capture the creature, but Starfy fights them off using his Star Spin. The three figures vow revenge and leave and the rabbit creature runs away. Starfy wants to help him, and so follows his trail to the edge of Pufftop. Starfy's best friend Moe appears and discourages Starfy from helping it. Before they know it, they slip off the edge of Pufftop and plummet into the sea, beginning Starfy's adventure. Starfy and Moe go through Gluglug Lagoon, where they find Big Squiddy is holding the creature. After chasing Big Squiddy down, the creature gives Starfy the Monstar ability, which he uses to free the creature, who believes they are allied with the three goons and runs to Hotcha Springs. After defeating Big Squiddy, they go there and find out the creature is named Bunston. He joins them because he finds that a shard found by Starfy helps him regain his memory, which reveals that he is the prince of a planet called Bunnera, which was attacked by goons. Bunston learns that he can give Starfy the Monstar ability. The three are then attacked by the Hot-Spring Snapper. Starfy proceeds to defeat it, and finds another shard. The three go to Chillydip Cove, where Bunston learns the Starpedo ability. From two seals called Piplion and Puplion, they learn that King Ping and his penguin goons have been troubling the area. Starfy defeats King Ping and finds a Shard, and the three are launched to Sogwood Forest. There they meet the goons that attacked Bunston in the beginning, who turn out to be the "Terrible Trio" of Snips, Ronk, and Papes and they want to kidnap Bunston. Starfy battles Papes, and after defeating him takes his Shard, which causes Bunston to remember his spaceship. Starfy and his friends go to Glitzem Grotto, where they find Ronk and defeat him. Then he and Papes try to use a minecart to defeat Starfy, but once again he triumphs. Bunston then remembers that the Terrible Trio shot him down over Pufftop and that the shards are pieces of his ship. The three friends find out that they must collect the remaining shards so that Bunston can save his planet. They fall into Skydye Heights, where the final member of the Terrible Trio, Snips, is lurking with another shard. After defeating her, the player finds out the Trio's real boss has taken Bunnera and Bunston is the last Bunneran left, so the Terrible Trio was sent to capture him. As the heroes head to the S.S. Logwater to find the last shard, the Trio regroups, and thinks about giving up, but their boss threatens them into continuing, so they follow. Starfy makes it past a giant snark called Mega Snark, only to find the Terrible Trio again. Starfy defeats all three again, but they try to use a "secret weapon" against him called the Paper-Cut Crusher. In order for Starfy to defeat The Terrible Trio during this attack, he must beat them in a Rock-Paper-Scissors game. When Starfy beats them at this, he, Moe, and Bunston take off for Bunnera. It is revealed that the Bunnerans could shapeshift because of a power inside them, which is how he transformed to help Starfy. The Trio's boss, who it turns out is the space pirate Mashtooth, wanted to absorb this power to become powerful enough to take over the galaxy, and to do that he requires Bunston. This is why he sent Snips, Ronk, and Papes after Bunston. When Bunnera Castle was attacked, Bunston fled in his spaceship.



Unlike previous games in the series, The Legendary Starfy has relatively few Items. The items which are found in this game are not listed in any Items menu, except for Heart Gems which are stored on Bunston's Collection. Bunston's Collection stores up to three at a time but momentarily for a third. When a third Heart Gem is collected the Heart Gem icons are removed.

Bunston's Powers are also listed on Bunston's Collection and the Collection. Icons of the powers are added to the menu whenever the player obtains the relevant Transforming Stone, or in the case of Monstar when Bunston's Collection is first unlocked. If the player has an upgraded Transforming Stone, a star is marked next to the icon.

Number Sprite Name Japanese name Location Description
* TLS Big Pearl.png Big Pearl ? Many "Starfy loves pearls! They replenish his energy, so collect as many as you can! You can also use them to buy bonus items for Starfy! Push the R button to check out Moe's Case on the Map screen to do some shopping, Starfy style!"
* TLS Pearl.png Pearl しんじゅ,
Many None
1 Red Pearl sprite.png Red Pearl あかいしんじゅ,
Akai Shinju
Gluglug Lagoon
(Stage 1-2)
2 TLS Heart Gem sprite.png Heart Gem コンペイトウ,
Many* None
3 Starpedo Transforming Stone.pngMonstar Upgraded Transforming Stone.png Starpedo Upgraded Transforming Stone.png Roostar Transforming Stone.png Starfright Transforming Stone.png Roostar Upgraded Transforming Stone.png Starfright Upgraded Transforming Stone.png Transforming Stone へんしんの石,
Henshin no Ishi
Various Areas* None
4 GlowingMushroom sprite.png Glowing Mushroom ひかるキノコ,
Hikaru Kinoko
Sogwood Forest
(Stages 4-1, 4-4, 4-5)
4 Rainbow Droplet.png Rainbow Droplet にじのしずく,
Niji no Shizuku
Skydye Heights
(Stage 6-2)


Character Artwork

Box Art

List of glitches

Main article: List of glitches in the Nintendo DS games

Follow the link above for a list of glitches in Densetsu no Starfy 4 and The Legendary Starfy.

List of soundtrack

Main article: The Legendary Starfy/Soundtrack

There are at least 80 pieces of music in this game. After defeating Mashtooth, the Sea Jams becomes available as an option in Moe's Case, and allows the player to scroll through and listen to 79 different tracks. For unknown reasons, the unnamed theme played when viewing the instructions for the Dumpling Master minigame is unavailable in the Sea Jams.

List of Stuff

Main article: The Legendary Starfy/Stuff

The Legendary Starfy features 58 Stuff for dress-up. These are split into the categories 'Clothes', 'Extras', 'Specials' and 'Bunston'.

  • 'Clothes' are the basic items that Starfy and Starly can wear.
  • 'Extras' are objects that can be worn/held with 'Clothes'.
  • 'Specials' are scenes that combine matching 'Clothes' and 'Extras' to present a scene. They can be unlocked by wearing the right items.
  • 'Bunston' is a category for wearable versions of Bunston's Powers.

Follow the link above for a list of Stuff with screenshots and details on how to unlock each item.

List of Toys

Main article: The Legendary Starfy/Toys

There are 127 toys in this game. A random toy is obtainable for 5 pearls from the Toys section in Moe's Case after defeating Mashtooth.

Regional Differences

Main article: The Legendary Starfy/Regional Differences

During the localization process of The Legendary Starfy, various changes were made to the game so that it would appeal to audiences from the United States and Australia.

Follow the link above for information about regional differences in the game, and other differences related to the game's distribution.

Side Quests

Main article: Side Quest

Side Quests, also known as Sub-Events are tasks branching off each level of every Stage in The Legendary Starfy, with the exception of Pufftop and ??? Stage, the first level of each Stage and its secret levels. Completing these Side Quests for the first time will unlock three secret levels in each Stage, referred to as 'Area Secret (number)' or '????' on the map screen. If Starfy revisits a Side Quest after completing it, there are no further rewards. There are a total of 24 Side Quests.

Follow the link above for a list of locations and further details about each Side Quest.

Staff records and strategies

Main article: The Legendary Starfy/Staff records and strategies

Follow the link above for the staff records for Dumpling Master, Big Bossdown and Stage 10, with their strategies in Japanese.

List of unused content

Main article: The Legendary Starfy/Unused content

The article above is a list of features that are not accessible in the game.


Main article: The Legendary Starfy/Credits

Follow the link above for the Staff Credits of The Legendary Starfy.

North American trial version

Title screen logo
Main article: The Legendary Starfy: Trial Version.

A North American trial version was released, presumably to be displayed/played in stores. The amount of things that players can do in the trial version are limited and only small parts of Gluglug Lagoon and Chillydip Cove are featured. The main activities in the trial version are saving Herman's Coddies and fighting King Ping.


Japanese trial version

A Japanese trial version was available for DS Stations as part of the Touch! Try! DS series, but specific details about it and whether it is just a Japanese version of the North American trial version are unknown.[2][3]


The Starly search question in the North American The Legendary Starfy manual

After clearing areas, Moe's siblings will appear at some point in previously cleared areas to ask Starfy questions. These are known as quizzes.

Additionally, there have been two different types of quizzes relating to The Legendary Starfy.

The first quiz, Moe's Character Advice is a Flash game hosted on the official Japanese mini-site for The Legendary Starfy. It asks a series of questions to determine what character the player is most like.

The second quiz is called the "Starly search question" and is not digital. It is asked in one of the Moe's Corner (Japanese: キョロスケのおまけコーナー, Kyorosuke's Extra Corner) messages in the manual, and the player has to count how many times Starly appears. The answer is fifteen times.

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Note: This section contains some mature content. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • Ronk, Papes, and Snips's names are a parody of Rock Paper Scissors where Ronk is rock, Papes is paper, and Snips is scissors.
  • In Stage 9, a Pufftop guard said that two people who were like Starfy and Moe fell off of Pufftop 10 years ago. This may imply that there was once a grand adventure near Pufftop before Starfy was born.
  • The Boss level "Get Ready to Ronk", is a reference to the phrase "get ready to rock".
  • The artwork of the game make the characters look like plush dolls, unlike the previous games.
  • All the games from the The Legendary Starfy series are referenced by various Pufftop Guards and Starly in the Pufftop Legends.
  • This game is the first and only game except the one instance in Densetsu no Starfy 4 which all the transformations shares the same life bar as Starfy and it is possible to get damaged and continue crossing a room in a level with a transformation without returning to the beginning of the room.
  • The Nintendo DS menu game icon for The Legendary Starfy's filename is "stafy4_icon", even though this is the fifth game.
  • According to a Kotaku article about Nintendo Treehouse, a division of Nintendo responsible for game localization, a "Bihldorff" reveals that during the localization of The Legendary Starfy, the team encountered an error where in a line for "one of the ancillary characters", there was profanity. This error was apparently quickly removed from the game after it was discovered.[4] It is not known however if this was confused for an English prototype of the original Game Boy Advance game.
  • It is believed that the English version of The Legendary Starfy and Kirby's Return to Dream Land may have used the same font as a basis.
  • A special promotion appeared in the discontinued 2007-2010 third party Nicktropolis game.[5]

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