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Yasuhiro Minamimoto from the 2009 conference call between Nintendo Life and six developers of The Legendary Starfy

Yasuhiro Minamimoto (Japanese: みなみもと やすひろ) is a game developer who worked for TOSE. He is a director of Densetsu no Starfy and a producer of the other four games in The Legendary Starfy series. He and Hitoshi Yamagami of Nintendo have worked together on the series for over fifteen years (as of 2009).[1]

'Floaty Platformer'

Main article: Densetsu no Starfy (GBC)

Hitoshi Yamagami and Yasuhiro Minamimoto's first work together was on producing a 'floaty platformer' game that was originally a balloon-lifting game for the Game Boy. Hitoshi Yamagami received a directive from his boss to make it but had difficulties on having the balloon move where it was intended to. According to Hitoshi Yamagami, it turned out to be an "annoying game that wasn't any fun at all". Hitoshi Yamagami asked his boss if he could operate the balloon itself and he approved his request.

Later, Hitoshi Yamagami talked over with Yasuhiro Minamimoto and they decided that using a water based character would be a good idea, as long as that character fit the environment. Initially they came up with the idea of changing the balloon into a bubble with a Nintendo character in it, but this apparently "wasn't a very practical setup". Later they talked about making the bubble itself into a character, and a jellyfish and a starfish were proposed. A starfish was chosen for the game. This game would eventually become Densetsu no Starfy for the Game Boy Color and later for the Game Boy Advance. Starfy was originally a starfish, but plans were carried out so that he would fall from the sky unlike an actual starfish.


The Legendary Starfy series

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