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Title screen logo

The Legendary Starfy: Trial Version is an American demo version of The Legendary Starfy. It was presumably meant to be displayed and played in stores. The serial code is NTR-Y5YE-USA rather than NTR-YSSE-USA[1], and the Title Screen says "Trial Version". [2] It is one of the "NOT FOR RESALE" DS Game Cards. These types of "not for resale" versions of Nintendo games are not meant to be released to the general public and are property of Nintendo.

Stores that use them must conform to a policy of eventually returning the Game Cards to Nintendo[3], but regardless of this, some of the Game Cards are leaked out and there are people who collect these demos.

In the demo, the main activities are saving Herman's Coddies and fighting King Ping. Only a minimal portion of Gluglug Lagoon and Chillydip Cove is available in the trial version.

A Nintendo DS kiosk attached to a Nintendo DS Lite playing The Legendary Starfy: Trial Version

List of differences

The 'thanks for playing' screen that appears after beating King Ping.
  • Below the title screen logo is the text "Trial Version" printed over a scroll.
  • At the bottom of the screen there is scrolling text that says "Begin Starfy's Big Adventure". In the full game this text is "Starfy's big adventure is about to begin!"
  • On the title screen there is no "Local Wireless" option. After waiting for a while on the title screen the game will reset and the "Nintendo" and "Mobiclip" screens including the sequence of Starfy and Starly running up together
  • There seems to be no available attract demo by waiting on the title screen. The opening demo is not available by waiting either. However, the Nintendo logo and Mobiclip logo screens are present.
  • There is a seizure warning on the Touch Screen (which can be exited by tapping the screen) and an ESRB "E" rating screen after touching "Adventure" to start playing the demo.
  • After closing the seizure warning screen and the ESRB "E" rating screen, the text "You can go through several different stages in this trial version." is shown on a blank white top screen in an orange font. The Touch Screen is also white.
  • "The Adventure Begins" cartoon (opening cutscene) has text at the bottom screen that says "Press the START button to skip".
  • If there is no input on the opening cutscene or within the gameplay itself for too long the game will reset itself.
  • The player only has the ability to only access one Area (level) of Gluglug Lagoon and Chillydip Cove. There is a door in Gluglug Lagoon that links to Chillydip Cove. The Gluglug Lagoon and Hotcha Spring Stage Maps are never seen, neither is The Big Map.
  • The player has access to three Touch Screen features at the start of the game and no more can be unlocked: Mermaid Gossip, Moe's Sniffer and Lobber's Logbook.
  • There is a Mermaid Gossip 'hint' that is exclusive to the trial version. It is "Trial Version: I hope you enjoy this trial version of "The Legendary Starfy!".
  • Journal, Notes, Suspend Save, Stuff, Abilities and Back to Map are grayed out on the Pause Menu. Trying to choose them brings up a box that says "You can't choose this in the trial version." Configure Buttons is also unavailable; as pressing L will bring up the same box.
  • The player has unlocked the following abilities at the beginning of the game: Swim, Entering a Door, Turbo Swim, Surf Jump, Walk, Dash, Jump, Dash & Jump, Duck, Duck & Slide, Star Spin, Mighty Star Spin, Glide, Air Jump, Icy Spike. Although Starfy can use Icy Spike, the "Bunston" section of the Abilities screen is referred to as "???". Bunston appears with the Starpedo bubble for Starfy to transform, despite Starfy and Bunston not properly meeting each other.
  • The bottom of the Pause Menu displays "☆Trial Version☆" instead of showing what Stage and what Area Starfy is in.
  • The player cannot save and Starfy never meets the Mermaid. The Pearl explanation is skipped too.
  • The only times Starfy sees Moe is during the Big Squiddy chase and when Starfy is inside the King Ping boss room.
  • The Goblup in Gluglug Lagoon only swallowed three Coddies. In the actual game it swallowed ten.
  • In Chillydip Cove there are some ability 'prompts' that teach the player how to Dash and Glide; so that the player can pass some snowmen.
  • In the Chillydip Cove boss room, Moe says "How ya doin'? I'm the famous extremely handsome Moe! Are you having fun with this trial version? Wazzat? You wanna know what I'm doing here? Well, actually... Well, beyond this purple-looking cloud is a pretty tough boss... Don't give me that scaredy-cat face...sheesh! You'll be just fine. You're still worried? Oh...all right. This boss's weak point is his belly button and...what was it? Well, I'm sure you'll find out. Just use the abilities you've been practicing up to now. Go get him!"
  • After King Ping is defeated, the You Got a Heart Gem! jingle is played and a unique 'thanks for playing screen' is shown. There is no Starfy Dance in the demo.
  • The same 'thanks for playing screen' can appear out of the King Ping battle as well.[clarification needed]
  • If Starfy loses all of his hearts the player is sent back to the title screen without a Game Over screen.


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