Entering a Door

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Entering a Door in The Legendary Starfy

Entering a Door (Japanese: トビラに入る) is one of the most used abilities that appeared in The Legendary Starfy series. To do it in the Game Boy Advance games, the player must press up on the D-pad while standing in front of a door. To do it on games for the Nintendo DS, the player must press X in front of a door. Openings inside Gabun and warp portals in Bunnera act like doors.

Description from The Legendary Starfy

"Press (X) in front of a door to enter it."


  • In the Game Boy Advance games, doors are frequently used as traps to send Starfy back to the beginning of the room.
    • In Densetsu no Starfy 2, Stage 11-9, an extra level in Ogura Castle requiring the upgraded Ryun, takes this idea to an extreme. Near the end of the level, Starfy has to swim to the top of a room while trying to avoid entering any doors, as all of the doors send Starfy back to the bottom of the room.