Bunnera Castle

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Bunnera Castle
Bunnera Castle Map.png
Japanese name ランパじょう, Rampa Castle
Greater location Planet Bunnera
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Residents Bunnerans, Bunston, Bunneran Soldiers, Mashtooth (temporarily)
Ruler Bunston, (Mashtooth temporarily), presumably Bunston's parents (former rulers)
Enemies Daffodile, Bullygoat, Trappa, Pajammer, Rock Punk, Land Swabbie, Sky Swabbie
Areas (levels) 3
Stage boss Mashtooth
First appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest appearance The Legendary Starfy

Bunnera Castle (known in Japan as Rampa Castle, ランパじょう), also known as Bunston's Castle is the castle in Planet Bunnera that is the home of Bunston and the Bunneran Soldiers in The Legendary Starfy. A statue of Bunston's father; the Bunneran king can be seen outside the castle, suggesting that Bunston's father may have once resided in the castle.

Starfy, Moe and Bunston must take The Cosmic Express driven by Modo and powered by Junior to get there. On the way there, in Stage 8-3 ('Asteroid Attack') they are attacked by several Swabbies in UFOs that try to throw asteroids at the train but Starfy deflects them with his Star Spin, allowing the team to get to Bunnera Castle.

The later part of Stage 8-3 is set inside Bunnera Castle, as well as the whole of Stage 8-4 ('Mashtooth's Last Stand') and Stage 8-7 (Area Secret 3). There are a lot of underwater areas in the castle and floating puddles, though not all of the castle is set underwater.

The tune Bunnera Castle plays in the castle sections of Planet Bunnera, unlike Planet Bunnera that plays elsewhere.

The entrance to Bunnera Castle, seen after Junior and Modo drive The Cosmic Express near there in Stage 8-3 ('Asteroid Attack')