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TLS QQQ Map.png
Japanese name ???
Greater location {{{glocation}}}
Affiliations {{{affiliations}}}
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Ruler {{{ruler}}}
Enemies Chumbrella, Bellybird, Smashcan, Flunder, Fidofin, Hot Fludge, Pizzap, Nubble
Areas (levels) 7
Stage boss Old Man Lobber
First appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest appearance The Legendary Starfy

??? is the in-game name for the tenth and final stage in The Legendary Starfy. It is also known as "super-tough Stage 10". The Map screen for this stage is known as "Mystery Map" (Japanese: マップいくうかん, Different Space Map). Each level in this stage has a timer that marks how long it took for the player to finish it.

It is available after defeating Mega Mashtooth for the first time, and successfully completing the Big Bossdown mode under nine minutes.


  • 10-1: Challenge 1 "Time Attack!"
  • 10-2: Challenge 2 "Time Attack!"
  • 10-3: Challenge 3 "Time Attack!"
  • 10-4: Challenge 4 "Time Attack!"
  • 10-5: Challenge 5 "Time Attack!"
  • 10-6: Challenge 6 "Time Attack!"
  • 10-7: Challenge 7 "Time Attack!" [boss level]

Time limits (Minutes:Seconds)

  • 10-1: 0:45
  • 10-2: 2:20
  • 10-3: 3:50
  • 10-4: 2:10
  • 10-5: 2:50
  • 10-6: 2:30
  • 10-7: N/A


Old Man Lobber is the boss of this stage but the door is locked unless Starfy completes each level under certain time limits (the times are marked on the boss door of level 10-7 as a code).