Lobber's Logbook

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Viewing Lobber's Logbook

Lobber's Logbook (Japanese: ロブじいさんのきろく, Rob-jiisan's Records) is a Touch Screen feature in The Legendary Starfy. Old Man Lobber gives it to Starfy in Hotcha Springs' Area 2 (Stage 2-2, "The Wise Old Lobster"). It helps record four records in the player's game and also gives a rank depending on how many enemies Starfy and Starly have defeated.


  • Distance Traveled (Japanese: いどうキョリ, Moving Distance): Shows how far Starfy and Starly have traveled. (measured in てくてく, 'walked' in Japanese versions)
  • Star Spins (Japanese: スピンかいすう, Number of Spins) Shows how many Star Spins Starfy and Starly have done (measured in くるくる , 'round and round' in Japanese versions)
  • Enemies Defeated (Japanese: たおしたかず, Defeated Number) Shows how many enemies Starfy and Starly have defeated (measured in ワルモノ, 'bad guys' in Japanese versions)
  • Time (じかん): Shows how long the player has been playing, in hours and minutes.


Number of enemies defeated Rank name Japanese rank name
0-99 Hopeful Helper へなちょこスタフィー, Novice Starfy
100-199 Wandering Explorer たんけんかスタフィー, Explorer Starfy
200-399 Good-Hearted Do-Gooder たいちょースタフィー, Great Work Starfy
400-699 Bold Adventurer ぼうけんかスタフィー, Adventurer Starfy
700-999 Pride of Pufftop テンカイバトラー, Pufftop Butler
1000-9998 Famous Hero ゆうしゃ☆スタフィー, Brave☆Starfy
9999 Living Legend スタフィー☆マスター, Starfy☆Master