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Heart Gems, known as Konpeitou, コンペイトウ in Japan are special treasures which are first found in Densetsu no Starfy 4. Starfy and Starly can collect these in order to gain more health. In Densetsu no Starfy 4, Heart Gems are more spherical and appear with various bumps on them attached at the edges, similar to the design of Japanese Konpeitō candy.

In The Legendary Starfy, they appear in large blue treasure chests and appear as diamond-shaped gems engraved with a yellow heart-shape.

In Densetsu no Starfy 4

Heart Gem sprite from Densetsu no Starfy 4

In Densetsu no Starfy 4, obtaining a Heart Gem adds ten health points on to Starfy and Starly's health. Unlike The Legendary Starfy, Heart Gems do not appear in blue treasure chests in Densetsu no Starfy 4. Some appear through Tobira Majin, while others can be found prior to completion of the main game. Starfy and Starly begin with 50 health points (HP), but collecting a total of 20 Heart Gems allows for a maximum HP value of 250. Six of the twenty Heart Gems are purchased from Maniankou's Shop while the other fourteen are found in Areas. When Starfy or Starly finds a Heart Gem in an Area, a short tune plays.

Below is a table of Heart Gems locations for Heart Gems found in stages. [1] Note: The table lists sixteen different Heart Gems. However, two Heart Gems share an internal ID with an existing Heart Gem, listed below. When one Heart Gem is collected, the other one with a matching ID disappears. Only one Heart Gem per ID may be collected. So, there are only fourteen unique Heart Gems to be collected in Areas, so the maximum HP value remains at 250.

ID Location Map Tobira Majin?
1 Lobber's Villa (Stage 1-3) Map 2 No
1 Hidden Village of Koimaro (Stage 5-1) Map 13 Yes
2 Tree of Beginning (Stage 2-2) Map 3 No
3 Tear Lake (Stage 4-2) Map 6 No
4 Hidden Village of Koimaro (Stage 5-2) Map 14 No
5 Flourishing Desert (Stage 6-2) Map 9 No
6 Old Tower (Stage 8-2) Map 5 No
7 Degil's Castle (Stage 9-2) Map 8 No
8 Tree of Beginning (Stage 2-3) Map 9 Yes
9 Cupid Village (Stage 3-2) Map 13 Yes
10 Tear Lake (Stage 4-4) Map 13 Yes
11 Hidden Village of Koimaro (Stage 5-3) Map 16 Yes
12 Flourishing Desert (Stage 6-2) Map 12 Yes
13 Thousand Year Hill (Stage 7-3) Map 15 Yes
14 Degil's Castle (Stage 9-3) Map 15 Yes
14 Degil's Castle (Stage 9-4) Map 15 Yes

Below is a table of Heart Gems in Maniankou's Shop. This table includes prices and the batch numbers that the Heart Gems are found.

Number Batch Price
1 Batch 2 300 Pearls
2 Batch 4 500 Pearls
3 Batch 5 800 Pearls
4 Batch 6 1000 Pearls
5 Post-game Batch 2000 Pearls
6 Post-game Batch 3000 Pearls

In The Legendary Starfy

Starfy collecting a Heart Gem in The Legendary Starfy.

In The Legendary Starfy, there are fifteen big blue treasure chests containing 15 Heart Gems. These are found in 15 secret Areas. If Starfy collect 3 of them, an extra heart is added on to the health bar. When all Heart Gems are collected, Starfy and Starly gain a total of 10 hearts.

Heart Gems are also stored on Bunston's Collection. There are three spots for Heart Gems. When a third Heart Gem is collected the Heart Gem icons are removed. When Starfy obtains a Heart Gem, a short tune called You Got a Heart Gem! plays that is different to the tune for obtaining a Heart Gem from Densetsu no Starfy 4.

Below are a list of areas which contain Heart Gems. [2]

  1. Stage 1-7 (Gluglug Lagoon - Area Secret 3)
  2. Stage 2-5 (Hotcha Springs - Area Secret 1)
  3. Stage 2-6 (Hotcha Springs - Area Secret 2)
  4. Stage 3-6 (Chillydip Cove - Area Secret 2)
  5. Stage 3-7 (Chillydip Cove - Area Secret 3)
  6. Stage 4-5 (Sogwood Forest - Area Secret 1)
  7. Stage 4-6 (Sogwood Forest - Area Secret 2)
  8. Stage 5-5 (Glitzem Grotto - Area Secret 1)
  9. Stage 5-6 (Glitzem Grotto - Area Secret 2)
  10. Stage 5-7 (Glitzem Grotto - Area Secret 3)
  11. Stage 6-5 (Skydye Heights - Area Secret 1)
  12. Stage 6-6 (Skydye Heights - Area Secret 2)
  13. Stage 7-5 (S.S. Logwater - Area Secret 1)
  14. Stage 7-6 (S.S. Logwater - Area Secret 2)
  15. Stage 8-6 (Planet Bunnera - Area Secret 2)

In the minigame Fishing Derby, if the player catches Moe he will reward them with a Densetsu no Starfy 4 style Konpeitou.

Moe rewarding Starfy with a Densetsu no Starfy 4 style Konpeitou in Fishing Derby

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