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The minigames menu in The Legendary Starfy

Minigames (Japanese: ミニゲーム), also known as MiniGames, Mini games or Minichallenges have featured in every game in The Legendary Starfy series except Densetsu no Starfy 4 if Spring of Love doesn't count. They are usually unlocked during the story.

Densetsu no Starfy

Minigames are unlocked by interacting with certain characters. For example, Tatsunomama lets the player play Seahorse Kid Catch. The player can miss them and not get any minigames at all in the story. After the Starfy defeats Ogura for the first time, the player can access the minigames from the stage select screen. Going to the characters and beating the minigames on hard will have the character lead Starfy to a room with a certain enemy or group of enemies. This is required if the player wants to complete the Picture Book. There are 7 minigames in total in this game.

List of Minigames

  1. Seahorse Kid Catch (Coral Reef, Tatsunomama)
  2. Round and Round Sunglasses (Stranded Whale, Jiilacanth)
  3. Slippery Hockey (Sea of Ice, Ashikaru)
  4. Ocean Clean Up (Deep Sea, Amebrush)
  5. Panic Boom (Sunken Ship, Miguana)
  6. Billiardon (Undersea Temple, Pao)
  7. Toretore Fruit (Sea of Sky, Himandodo)

Densetsu no Starfy 2

Unlike Densetsu no Starfy, minigames are unlocked by completing certain stages, but the player starts with one after unlocking Moe's House, which is unlocked by clearing Turtle Turtle Land. Beating all the games on hard will unlock Stuff. There are 5 minigames in this game.

List of Minigames

  1. Furefure Bomber (clear Turtle Turtle Land)
  2. Color Matching (clear Large Tree's Forest)
  3. Squeak Squeak Panic (clear Yeeha Alpine)
  4. Don't Drop (clear Pufftop)
  5. Heart-Pounding Tightrope (clear Torrent's Waterfall)

Densetsu no Starfy 3

Minigames can be accessed at Moe's House after unlocking it. This is the first game that allows more players on minigames. Only one game pak is required. They are unlocked the same way as Densetsu no Starfy 2. Beating the games on hard unlocks Stuff. There are 5 minigames in this game.

List of Minigames

  1. Round and Round Trampon (clear Area 3 of Coral Coast)
  2. Irachiki Dash!! (clear Crushed Ice Alpine)
  3. Love Love Love Volley (clear Flamer Volcano)
  4. Pufftop Dance Battle (clear Undersea Ruins)
  5. Squirt Catch (clear Sea of Sky)

Densetsu no Starfy 4

There are no minigames in this game, but Spring of Love is kind of like a minigame.

The Legendary Starfy

Minigames can be accessed at Moe's Case. The player starts with Dumpling Master (the only minigame in this game that is 1-player only) and Coin Slinger. The rest are unlocked by playing them with Mini G at least once. There are 5 minigames in this game.

List of Minigames

  1. Coin Slinger (available by default)
  2. Dumpling Master (available by default)
  3. Fishing Derby (available from Sogwood Forest branching off Area 1)
  4. Sand Tracer (available from Skydye Heights branching off Area 1)
  5. Depth Chargers (available from S.S. Logwater branching off Area 1)