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The following is a list of soundtrack in Densetsu no Starfy in the order that they appear in the Sea Jams (Tone of Ocean, 海のねいろ). The Sea Jams is an option available from the Extra menu, which becomes accessible via the select button menu on the world map screen after defeating Ogura for the first time. In order to unlock the Sea Jams option, the player must also return to Deep Sea to recover Wotsaruto's Tone of Ocean instrument for a second time.

Page 1

Name Japanese name Romaji
1 Opening Demo オープニングデモ Ōpuningudemo
2 Tone of Ocean 海のねいろ Umi no Neiro
3 File Select ファイルセレクト Fairu Serekuto
4 Lobber's Cave ロブのどうくつ Robu no Doukutsu
5 Coral Reef サンゴショウ Sango Shou
6 Stranded Whale ザショウクジラ Zashou Kujira
7 Sea of Ice 氷の海 Kori no Umi
8 Deep Sea ふかい海 Fukai Umi
9 Sunken Ship ちんぼつせん Chinbotsu Sen
10 Undersea Temple かいていしんでん Kaitei Shinden

Page 2

Name Japanese name Romaji
11 Sea of Sky そらの海 Sora no Umi
12 Pufftop テンカイ Tenkai
13 Conversation Screen 1 かいわがめん1 Kaiwa Gamen 1
14 Conversation Screen 2 かいわがめん2 Kaiwa Gamen 2
15 Conversation Screen 3 かいわがめん3 Kaiwa Gamen 3
16 Conversation Screen 4 かいわがめん4 Kaiwa Gamen 4
17 Task Achieved ノルマたっせい Noruma Tassei
18 A Boss Is Nearby! ボスはち近いぞ Bosu wa Kaizo
19 Confrontation with the Boss ボスとたいけつだ Bosu to Taiketsu da
20 Boss Battle! バトル ボス! Batoru Bosu!

Page 3

Name Japanese name Romaji
21 Defeat Ogura オグラをたおせ Ogura o Taose
22 Minigame ミニゲーム Minigēmu
23 Game Over 1 ゲームオーバー1 Gēmuōbā 1
24 Game Over 2 ゲームオーバー2 Gēmuōbā 2
25 Pause ポーズ Pōzu
26 Stage Clear ステージクリア Sutēji Kuria
27 Photograph きねんしゃしん Kinen Shashin
28 Balloon ききゅう Kikyuu
29 Mole Tank もぐらタンク Mogura Tanku
30 Catfish Boat なまずボート Namazu Bōto

Page 4

Name Japanese name Romaji
31 Using Magic まほう使い Mahou Tsukau
32 Kigurumi きぐるみ Kigurumi
33 Tone of Ocean? 海のねいろ? Umi no Neiro?
34 Ending 1 エンディング1 Endingu 1
35 Ending 2 エンディング2 Endingu 2
36 Ending 3 エンディング3 Endingu 3
37 Stage Select ステージセレクト Suteji Serekuto
38 Picture Book ずかん Zukan
39 Treasure! おたからだ! Otakara da!
40 Treasure Items たからもの Takara Mono

Page 5

Name Japanese name Romaji
41 Minigame Collection ミニゲームしゅう Minigemu Shuu
42 Staff Roll スタッフロール Sutaffu Rōru
43 Extra! おまけだよ! Omake da yo!
44 The Starfy Dance スタフィーダンス Sutafī Dansu

Unused track

There is an alternative version of the Opening Demo theme in Densetsu no Starfy without the background percussion that is seemingly unused. It is also quieter.

The unused Opening Demo variant