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Morihiro Iwamoto's photo from the Kyoto University of Art & Design website

Morihiro Iwamoto (Japanese: 岩本 守弘) is a video game composer. He is listed under 'Music' in the staff credits of Densetsu no Starfy (with Yōko Matsutani, listed as "Youko Matsutani"), Densetsu no Starfy 2, Densetsu no Starfy 3 and in Densetsu no Starfy 4's Staff Roll 1. In The Legendary Starfy, Morihiro Iwamoto is credited for "Sound". [1].

History and other works

Morihiro Iwamoto worked as a professor at the Kyoto University of Art & Design. He formed a band in high school and started songwriting after graduating, arranging original music on his own. He has over seven years of experience in the video game industry and has worked on sound in more than 300 titles. He has also provided music and sound effects to TV shows and animated films, such as Umai! Rāmen-ya (Japanese: うまい!ラーメン屋). [2] [3]

Morihiro Iwamoto currently represents Sora Color (Japanese: 空color); a company based in Osaka, Japan that ventures into aerial photography, background music and sound effects and corresponding lyrics for background music.

According to the Canadian Intellectual Property Database [4], "Morihiro Iwamoto" is an author to the following Nintendo published games.

Morihiro Iwamoto has worked on the following non-Nintendo games.


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