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Shops (Japanese: おみせ) are a common feature in the The Legendary Starfy series, starting with Densetsu no Starfy 2. Pearls are used to purchase shop items.

Lovely's Shop

Lovely's Shop as first seen in Lobber's Cave (Stage 1-3)

The shop of Densetsu no Starfy 2. Stuff and photographs can be bought there. It is unlocked by completing the Area that Lovely appears in.


Lovely sells items in four different batches. Her shop listing shows only one batch at a time. Lovely's appearance in the shop also changes depending on which batch she currently has in stock. After Starfy buys all the items in the current batch, he will return to the map screen. If Starfy returns to Lovely's shop, then Lovely will restock with the next batch only when Starfy's current pearl count is at or over a particular threshold. If Starfy does not have enough pearls, then Lovely will tell Starfy to come back after he saves more pearls. The exact thresholds to unlock each subsequent batch are as follows:

  • 300 pearls for Batch 2
  • 600 pearls for Batch 3
  • 900 pearls for Batch 4

Visiting Lovely's shop once to unlock the next batch keeps that batch unlocked. That is, even if Starfy's pearl count falls below the threshold after unlocking the next batch, then he can still access the next batch.

Shop Listing

Batch 1
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
1 Moe キョロスケ    Photograph 10
2 Old Man Lobber ロブじいさん   Photograph 30
3 Mermaid マーメイド    Photograph 50
4 Herman ヤドカリタ    Photograph 70
5 Lovely ラブリー     Photograph 75
6 Ruby ハデヒラリ    Photograph 80
7 Mekani-jiisan メカニじいさん  Photograph 90
8 Kameru カメール     Photograph 100
9 Kamekko-tachi 1 カメッコたち1  Photograph 100
10 Kamekko-tachi 2 カメッコたち2  Photograph 100
11 Gaganmo ガガンモ     Photograph 105
12 Jellato Sisters クリオレたち   Photograph 110
13 Haramaki はらまき     Clothing 10
14 Hero Helmet ヒーローメット  Accessory 50
15 Hero Suit ヒーロースーツ  Clothing 50
16 Nightcap ナイトキャップ  Accessory 70
17 Pajamas パジャマ     Clothing 70
18 Top Hat シルクハット   Accessory 80
19 Uniform Pants ぼんたん     Clothing 100
Batch 2
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
20 Torito トリート     Photograph 110
21 Savako サブァコ     Photograph 125
22 Hirao and Hirarin ヒラオとヒラリン Photograph 131
23 Konbi コンビー     Photograph 140
24 Ukizzu ウキッズ     Photograph 150
25 Orisu and Korisu オリスとコリス  Photograph 160
26 Shurikit ニャンジャ    Photograph 172
27 Kamone カモーネ     Photograph 183
28 Kumajii クマじい     Photograph 200
29 Biba ビバ       Photograph 210
30 Moon ムーン      Photograph 212
31 Ladle おたま      Accessory 65
32 Apron エプロン     Clothing 92
33 Afro Wig アフロヅラ    Accessory 101
34 Devil Horns デビルのつの   Accessory 111
35 Devil Clothes デビルのふく   Clothing 111
36 Tuxedo タキシード    Clothing 130
37 Wonder Man Hat かいけつハット  Accessory 145
38 Sexy Dress セクシードレス  Clothing 150
Batch 3
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
39 Mitsugasago ミツガサゴ    Photograph 140
40 Wotsaruto ウォーツァルト  Photograph 150
41 Chuta チュータ     Photograph 165
42 Ootaruika-tachi オオタルイカたち Photograph 172
43 Gaidonna ガイドンナ    Photograph 177
44 Kannin parent and child カンニンオヤコ  Photograph 185
45 Fat Cat and Kit Fish ナマズオヤコ   Photograph 185
46 Korundoru コルンドル    Photograph 200
47 Kodorun コドルン     Photograph 200
48 Taiblond タイブロンド   Photograph 210
49 Horun ホルーン     Photograph 220
50 Pufftop Guard テンカイヘイシ  Photograph 231
51 Mummy Clothes ミイラふく    Clothing 122
52 Momohiki ももひき     Clothing 5
53 Martian Hat かせいじんぼうし Accessory 150
54 Martian Clothes かせいじんのふく Clothing 150
55 White Coat はくい      Clothing 185
56 Muscle Machine きんにくマシーン Clothing 202
57 Bald Wig はげヅラ     Accessory 234
58 Mohawk Wig モヒカンヅラ   Accessory 240
Batch 4
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
59 Mayudorago マユドラゴ    Photograph 230
60 The Squirts ヤリイカーズ   Photograph 245
61 Pufftop Children テンカイコドモ  Photograph 255
62 Jueri ジュエリー    Photograph 268
63 Resshi レッシー     Photograph 1
64 Funazo フナゾウ     Photograph 270
65 Jojiro ジョージロー   Photograph 300
66 Loveloverin ラブラブリン   Photograph 333
67 Fukafuka フカフカ     Photograph 340
68 Ogyon-tachi オギョンたち   Photograph 360
69 Gekyojii ゲキョじい    Photograph 375
70 Yakoukagami ヤコウカガミ   Photograph 385
71 Chorosuke-tachi チョロスケたち  Photograph 400
72 Poop Hat うんちぼうし   Accessory 333
73 Chun Hat チュンぼうし   Accessory 444
74 Cardboard Box ダンボール    Clothing 1
75 Mojamoja もじゃもじゃ   Clothing 555
76 Nose Glasses はなメガネ    Accessory 666
77 Perfect Makeup かんぺきメイク  Accessory 777
78 Wild Clothes ぼーそーふく   Clothing 888
79 Fighting Pants しょうぶパンツ  Clothing 9999

It costs 24,996 pearls to purchase every item in Lovely's shop.

In the manga (Yumiko Sudō)

Lovely's Shop (Japanese: ラブリーの店) appears as one of the locations Starfy visited inside the long jar in the eleventh and final chapter of volume two — "The Sealed Jar and the Big Disturbance Fii!".

Jojiro's Shop

Artwork for Jojiro's shop from Densetsu no Starfy 3

The shop of Densetsu no Starfy 3. Stuff can be bought there. After the player defeats Ogura at least once, music can also be bought. The shop is unlocked by completing the Area that Jojiro appears in.


Jojiro sells items in eleven different batches. At first, only one batch is available, but, as Starfy clears more Areas, Jojiro will restock with more batches. At first, Starfy has access to only the default batch. When Starfy clears Stage 1-4, he unlocks Batch 1. Clearing Stage 2-4 unlocks Batch 2, and so on, until Starfy clears Stage 10-4, when he unlocks Batch 10. Unlike in Lovely's shop, Starfy does not necessarily have to buy every item in previous batches before Jojiro restocks with the next batch.

Shop Listing

Shop Listing
Default Batch
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Apron まえかけ Clothing 20
Monpe もんペ Clothing 20
Raincoat あまがっぱ Clothing 20
Chanchanko (Japanese vest) ちゃんちゃんこ Clothing 30
Colorful Clothes カラフルなふく Clothing 111
Batch 1
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Nori のり Clothing 45
Scales うろこ Clothing 45
Sukajan スカジャン Clothing 70
Host Suit ホストなスーツ Clothing 90
Patchwork Dress つぎはぎドレス Clothing 1
Batch 2
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Sailor Clothes セーラーふく Clothing 40
Red Torso あかどう Clothing 120
Camouflage lothes めいさいふく Clothing 40
Udon うどん Clothing 60
Leather Jacket かわジャン Clothing 120
Batch 3
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Gakuran ガクラン Clothing 40
Tight Net あみタイツ Clothing 50
Jersey ユニフォーム Clothing 60
Police Clothes けいさつふく Clothing 111
Mask めん Accessory 30
Alien Suit エイリアンスーツ Clothing 1000
Batch 4
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Strange Clothes ヘンなふく Clothing 30
Cheerleader チアリーダー Clothing 60
Riappā リアッパー Clothing 250
Osaka Style おおさかスタイル Clothing 98
Santa Clothes サンタふく Clothing 150
Bonbon ボンボン Accessory 30
Batch 5
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Buruma ブルマ Clothing 100
Torahachi とらはち Clothing 150
One-piece Camisole キャミワンピ Clothing 170
Yukata ゆかた Clothing 170
Caveman Clothes げんしじんのふく Clothing 111
Batch 6
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Shabby Shirt よれよれシャツ Clothing 60
Kabukimono かぶきもの Clothing 170
Tokkoufuku とっこうふく Clothing 90
Pufftop Armor テンカイのよろい Clothing 170
Mechanical Suit メカニカルスーツ Clothing 260
Batch 7
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Bathrobe バスローブ Clothing 90
Superpower スーパーパワー Clothing 180
Crested Hakama もんつきはかま Clothing 190
Jūnihitoe じゅうにひとえ Clothing 240
Sparrow Costume スズメのきぐるみ Clothing 100
Sparrow Hat スズメのぼうし Accessory 100
Batch 8
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Trench Coat トレンチコート Clothing 150
Cherry-Blossom Blizzard さくらふぶき Clothing 160
Chikuwa ちくわ Clothing 198
Welfare Dress こうふくのドレス Clothing 380
Fuwa Costume フワコスチューム Clothing 111
Batch 9
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Gothic ゴスロリ Clothing 666
Spirit Back はいごれい Clothing 444
Brown Clothing こんがりころも Clothing 108
Tamatebako たまてばこ Clothing 1300
Stardom スターダム Clothing 777
Spotlight スポットライト Accessory 1000
Train でんしゃ Accessory 5000
Batch 10
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Minigame Collection ミニゲームしゅう Music 500
Minigame 1 ミニゲーム1 Music 500
Minigame 2 ミニゲーム2 Music 500
Minigame 3 ミニゲーム3 Music 500
Minigame 4 ミニゲーム4 Music 500
Minigame 5 ミニゲーム5 Music 500
Hero Lobber ゆうしゃロブ Music 1000
Aunt March おばちゃんマーチ Music 1000
Boss Battle バトル・ボス Music 1000
Confrontation with the Boss ボスとたいけつだ Music 1000
Defeat Ogura オーグラをたおせ Music 1000
Jashin Evil じゃしんイーブル Music 1000
Ending 2 エンディング2 Music 1500
Ending 3 エンディング3 Music 1500
Ending 4 エンディング4 Music 1500
Staff Roll 2 スタッフロール2 Music 1500

It costs 30,386 Pearls to purchase everything from Jojiro's shop. Purchasing everything from Jojiro's shop automatically unlocks the music Tone of Ocean Rock.

Maniankou's Shop

Maniankou inside his shop in Densetsu no Starfy 4

The shop of Densetsu no Starfy 4. Stuff and Heart Gems can be bought there. After the player beats Degil at least once, music can also be bought. It is unlocked by completing the Area Maniankou appears in. According to the Japanese name of the Shop it apparently used to be Lovely's Shop, but 'Lovely' is crossed out and replaced with 'Maniankou'.


Maniankou sells a total of 90 items in nine batches. At first, Starfy may only buy items from the first batch, Batch 1. Once Starfy has bought every item in the latest batch, Maniankou will later restock with the next batch, with the exception of the last batch, which unlocks only when the main story is completed.

Shop Listing

Note: All Heart Gems will appear at the bottom of the shop listing in-game, even when some Heart Gems are unlocked in earlier batches.

Shop Listing
Batch 1
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Pleasant Glasses ユカイなメガネ Accessory 50
Versailles Clothes ベルサイユのふく Clothing 190
End of the Century Wig せいきまつヅラ Accessory 130
Cheering Squad おうえんだん Clothing 480
Namahage Mask なまはげおめん Accessory 250
Batch 2
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Namahage Clothes なまはげふく Clothing 70
Rider Helmet ライダーヘルメット Accessory 130
Rider Suit ライダースーツ Clothing 250
Pigtails おさげ Accessory 30
Doll Festival Set ひなまつり Clothing 350
Konpeitou コンペイトウ Heart Gem 300
Batch 3
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Wound Hair Wig まきがみウィッグ Accessory 53
Cool but Unfashionable Wear ださださウェア Clothing 190
Chinese Wig ちゅうかなヅラ Accessory 150
Chinese Clothes ちゅうかなふく Clothing 340
Starly's Ribbon スタピーのリボン Accessory 120
Batch 4
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Flashy Suit どはでスーツ Clothing 90
Hula Clothes フラダンスグッズ Accessory 108
Hula Clothes フラダンスふく Clothing 270
Spiky Wig とげとげヅラ Accessory 150
Punk Jacket パンクジャケット Clothing 260
Konpeitou コンペイトウ Heart Gem 500
Batch 5
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Zuka Makeup ヅカメイク Accessory 250
Flamenco Wig フラメンコヅラ Accessory 108
Flamenco Clothes フラメンコのふく Clothing 480
Hanryu Star はんりゅうスター Accessory 130
Maid Clothes おてつだいさんのふく Clothing 340
Konpeitou コンペイトウ Heart Gem 800
Batch 6
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Maid Set おてつだいさんセット Accessory 50
Oni no Pants おにのパンツ Clothing 111
The Chun ザ・ちゅん Accessory 10
Mummy Man ミイラおとこ Clothing 220
Police Hat ポリスのぼうし Accessory 90
Konpeitou コンペイトウ Heart Gem 1000
Batch 7
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Police Clothes ポリスのふく Clothing 240
Cool Makeup しぶいメイク Accessory 350
Hot-Spring Yukata おんせんゆかた Clothing 180
Hot-Spring Goods おんせんグッズ Accessory 80
Chef Clothes シェフのふく Clothing 170
Batch 8
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Chef's Hat シェフのぼうし Accessory 409
Airplane Clothes ひこうきのふく Clothing 70
Airplane Hat ひこうきのぼうし Accessory 180
Greengrocer-san やおやさん Clothing 460
Tuxedo タキシード Clothing 360
Fighting Spirit Mask とうこんマスク Accessory 20
Fighting Spirit Wear とうこんウェア Clothing 150
Aunt Wig おばちゃんヅラ Accessory 23
UFO ゆーふぉー Clothing 650
Space Mystery うちゅうのしんぴ Accessory 300
Post-game Batch
Name Japanese name Category Pearl cost
Native Dress みんぞくいしょう Clothing 140
Oni Wig おにのヅラ Accessory 90
Doll Festival Set ひなまつりセット Accessory 120
Fighting Pants しょうぶぱんつ Clothing 9999
Pufftop Testimony テンカイのあかし Accessory 444
Great Buddha だいぶつさま Special 200
Peacock くじゃく Special 400
Ramen Tower ラーメンタワー Special 750
Soup with lots of pungent vegetables つゆだくのねぎだく Special 333
Tyrannosaurus ティラノザウルス Special 130
Lobber's Villa City ロブのべっそうシティ Music 300
Tree of Beginning City はじまりの木シティ Music 300
Cupid Village City キューピットむらシティ Music 300
Tear Lake City ひきさきぬまシティ Music 300
Hidden Village of Koimaro City こいマロのかくれざとシティ Music 300
Flourishing Desert City リュウリュウさばくシティ Music 300
Thousand Year Hill City せんねんやまシティ Music 300
Old Tower City ふるびたとうシティ Music 300
Degil's Castle City デジールのしろシティ Music 300
Conversation 2 かいわがめん2 Music 500
Conversation 3 かいわがめん3 Music 500
Angler's Theme アングラのテーマ Music 500
Kigurumi's Theme きぐるみのテーマ Music 500
A Boss Is Nearby! ボスはちかいぞ Music 500
Degil's Theme 1 デジールのテーマ1 Music 500
Degil's Theme 2 デジールのテーマ2 Music 500
Battle Degil バトル・デジール Music 1000
Defeat Degil! デジールをたおせ! Music 1000
Pause Menu ポーズメニュー Music 1000
File Select ファイルセレクト Music 1000
Staff Roll 2 スタッフロール2 Music 1000
Game Over 2 ゲームオーバー2 Music 1000
Ending 1 エンディング1 Music 1000
Ending 2 エンディング2 Music 1000
Ending 3 エンディング3 Music 1500
Tone of Ocean Funky 海のねいろファンキー Music 1500
The Starfy Dance スタフィーダンス Music 1500
Stage Select ステージセレクト Music 1500
Tone of Ocean Shamisen 海のねいろしゃみせん Music 1500
Konpeitou コンペイトウ Heart Gem 2000
Konpeitou コンペイトウ Heart Gem 3000

It costs 50,998 Pearls to purchase everything from Maniankou's shop. Once Starfy purchases every item besides the Konpeitou, he will receive the Nintendo Headquarters Special as a gift.

Revisiting the shop will present the player with 4 options that changes what puppet Maniankou does or doesn’t wear.


-なにもないピョンよ… (Nothing-pyon…): Removes the current Puppet Maniankou wears.

  • Quote: なにもつけてないんだピョン (I’m not wearing a puppet-pyon)

-くちびるサカナパペット (Big Lipped Fish Puppet): Maniankou puts on his Lovely puppet.

  • Quote: ラブリーのパペットなんだピョーーン (This is my Lovely puppet-pyooooon)

-サイおばあさんパペット (Old Rhino Lady Puppet): Maniankou puts on his Saimommy puppet.

  • Quote: サイマミィのパペットなんだピョン (This is my Saimommy puppet-pyon)

-アイドルパペット (Idol Puppet): Maniankou puts on his Kissme puppet.

  • Quote: すてきピョンキスミちゃんパペット〜 (This is the lovely puppet of Kissme-chan-pyon~)

By selecting the Saimommy puppet, Maniankou begins to cry and the other two puppets’ expressions will change. The Lovely puppet becomes angry and the Kissme puppet will look disinterested. However, if the player leaves while Maniankou is already wearing the Saimommy puppet, the puppet will be smiling instead of crying when they return. Changing puppets and reselecting the Saimommy option will still cause Maniankou to begin crying though.

Moe's Case

The Shop in The Legendary Starfy

The Shop (Japanese: おかいもの, Shopping Items) feature in The Legendary Starfy can be accessed from Moe's Case. According to the message the player receives after purchasing every item in the Shop, it is run by Moe. It is available from the beginning of the game and only sells Stuff.

Stuff list

  • Duck Mask: 15 Pearls
  • Velvet Hat: 80 Pearls
  • Rubber-Ducky Ring: 85 Pearls
  • Student Cap: 100 Pearls
  • Mobile Phone: 111 Pearls
  • Umbrella: 500 Pearls
  • Kitty Costume: 886 Pearls
  • Back-to-School Clothes: 1000 Pearls
  • Red Velvet Robe: 1224 Pearls
  • Meow Helmet: 2000 Pearls
  • Ribbit-Wear Bathrobe: 5000 Pearls
  • Galactic Hero's Outfit: 9999 Pearls
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