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EvilLogo.png Boss: Degil EvilLogo.png
Japanese name デジール, Dejīru
Hit Points First Form: 20
Second Form: 20
Third Form: 40
Attack Power First form
Egg: 9/10
Big Spike Ball: 16/17
Small Spike Ball: 8/9
Needle Attack: 18/19
Spiked Body and Mouth: 17/18
Swallow and Spit Out: 1/2 of the player's hp (0 to 125 damage)
Flower Barrage: 10/11
Spike Barrage: 20/21
Second form
Enemy Antibody: 11
Stationary Tooth: 19
Falling Broken Tooth: 19
Falling Tooth: 19
Third form
Heart Pulse: 35
Spiky Face: 17
Crescent Razor Beam: 19
Big Current Spike Balls: 20
Species Unknown, eel/snake like creature
Affiliations King Owlrun
Residence Temporarily: Amiy Kingdom
First appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4
Latest appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4

Degil[1] (pronounced Dejeeru or Dejeel), also officially romanized as Digeel, is the main antagonist of the game, Densetsu no Starfy 4. She appears to be a large eel or snake-like creature. Her ambition was to rule the Amiy Kingdom and marry prince Coral by stealing the Mon Amour Stone.


Prior to the beginning of the game, Degil was smitten with the handsome Prince Coral of the Amiy Kingdom, but sadly for her, he was already in love with another. So in order to make him her husband and achieve her ambition of ruling the kingdom she took control of the Mon Amour Stone, the kingdom's source of power and used it to bring chaos to the land and gain ultimate power.

Despite her successful takeover of the kingdom, she was unaware that one of the castle maids, Mattel, had escaped and fled to Pufftop where she sought the help of the legendary Starfy to save the kingdom. However, Degil soon found out about this plan and used her hoard of minions and powerful allies to crush Starfy and his friends. Starfy and his friends, nevertheless would end victorious. Degil's fate is ambiguous, and it is implied after the credits that after Degil was defeated, she may have shrunk in size and slithered the ground like a snake. Mattel and Prince Coral would eventually marry, heartbreaking both Starfy and Starly for a short time, as they had a crush on Mattel and Coral respectively.

Battle strategy

There are three phases to the battle with Degil.

Phase One: She will start off in her normal form, and all the player character has to do is to keep attacking her head while avoiding being attacked by her eggs, spiny body, poisonous roses, and being swallowed by her.

Phase Two: After defeating Degil once, the second phase has her swallow the player character, and Starfy or Starly must battle her from inside her mouth. She has a bunch of teeth sticking out, but one of them is a cavity, which is her weak point in this battle. The player character must Star Spin multiple times onto her cavity, but enemies and whirlwinds will prevent Starfy or Starly from getting to the cavity, and as she takes more damage, the pattern of enemies and whirlwinds will become more unpredictable.

Phase Three: To do this phase, the player must have gotten all 36 Answers Cards, then once the player defeats Degil's second form, they will be taken to King Tobira Majin. Once Starfy and Starly gives all 36 Answers Cards to King Tobira Majin, they will be taken to the final battle with Degil. The final form of Degil is her face, which consists of two layers, one of which is her damaged face. Starfy or Starly must keep attacking pieces of her face while avoiding blades coming from her hair, and being imprisoned in a crystal heart from Degil's kiss. After one part of her face has been destroyed, the player character will be teleported to the area of the Mon Amour Stone, which will attack Starfy or Starly with a bunch of hearts. After a while, the player character will be teleported back, and Starfy or Starly will have to continue destroying her face. If the player character wishes to reach the top of her head, Starfy or Starly must climb on Degil's hands and reach the area, but if he/she stays on the hand too long, he/she will take damage. After sustaining a certain amount of damage, Degil might teleport Starfy or Starly to the other side of the area, where he/she can collect 10 giant pink Pearls to replenish the SP bar. She may also slowly regenerate pieces of her face, but Starfy or Starly can stop the regeneration by striking the designated area of regeneration. After breaking every part of her face, Degil is finally defeated.


In her first form, she attacks by spitting out eggs, then spitting out needles to break them and turn them into spikeballs that seemingly home in on Starfy or Starly. She also moves horizontally (and vertically if she is low on health) on the screen with her spiny body. Then she rotates her body for a short amount of time, trying to damage Starfy/Starly. She also spits out an array of roses and thorns. She also swallows Starfy/Starly, which is undodgeable, and tries to damage him through a slow process of digestion, but Starfy can escape by spinning wildly from the inside of her body.

In her second form, she mainly has enemies and whirlwinds as protectors of her cavity, but direct contact with the rest of her teeth can damage Starfy/Starly, and after the cavity takes enough damage, all the teeth will fall form Degil's gums and damage Starfy/Starly.

In her final form, she attacks by shooting blades from her hair. She also blows a kiss that sends out a heart that homes in on Starfy or Starly, and if it hits, he/she is trapped in a crystal heart which immobilizes spinning, swimming, and jumping. Also, when Starfy or Starly stays on Degil's hand for too long, she may attempt to pinch him/her. When low on health, she can teleport Starfy or Starly to the other side of the battle field. This doesn't damage him/her, but the spike balls on the sides will damage Starfy or Starly if he/she touches them, but there are also pink Pearls for Starfy to collect to replenish his SP bar. When on even lower health points, she will try to regenerate a piece of her face, which can be stopped if Starfy or Starly spins on the designated area of regeneration and knocks off the regeneration beads. After a piece of her face is destroyed, Starfy or Starly will be teleported to the Mon Amour Stone, where it will attack him with hearts, and the more pieces of Degil's face destroyed, the more speed the hearts will gain.

Note: At the beginning of each fight, Degil will let out a high pitched evil laugh. When a good amount of damage is taken, she will howl loudly in pain.

Name origin

  • デ (de) may be from demon or devil. ジール (jīru) is similar to zeal; a word for great energy or enthusiasm to reach an objective, which in Degil's case would describe her enthusiasm to marry prince Coral, stop Starfy and his friends and terrorize the Amiy Kingdom. The īru ending notably sounds like "eel" as well. Degil's name could also be a play on the French expression de rigueur. It could also be based on the French word for desire “désir”, which is very similar to the Japanese pronunciation of Dejeel’s name.


  • Degil uses the pronoun Watakushi in Japanese.
    • Additionally, she is the only Starfy character to end her sentences with Zamasu (ザマス) which is meant to sound more proper and refined, but more so comes off as pretentious.
  • Degil is the only female main antagonist in the Starfy series so far.
    • Degil is also the only main antagonist that doesn't die after her final fight with Starfy.
  • She is the second of three antagonists that only appear in one game. The other two being Evil and Mashtooth.
  • Like Ogura, she has three battle styles.
  • She, like Starly, has a crush on Coral.
  • There are two Stuff - Degil's Dress and Degil's Makeup that allow Starfy and Starly to dress up as Degil.
  • Degil shares many similarities and mannerisms with that of Valentina from Super Mario RPG. Both of them take over kingdoms (The Amiy Kingdom and Nimbus Land respectively), both use the pronoun Watakushi and end their sentences using ザマス (Zamasu). They are also both very concerned with beauty and their appearance and they both have birds serve as their right hand/servant (in reference to King Owlrun and Dodo).