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Cover of the album

Primary BOX 4 (Japanese: プライマリーボックス4) is a fan video game album by "Macaroni Ketchup" (Japanese: まかろに☆けちゃっぷ), released on August 12, 2013, containing remixes for tunes from Game Boy Advance games. The cover has artwork of Starfy, Moe, Herman, a Mr Saturn and a Game Boy Advance on it. It has been listed for sale on Rakuten for 735 yen[1], despite the questionable legality of selling it.

The album contains remixes for one tune each from Densetsu no Starfy, Mother 3, Mega Man Battle Network 3, Magical Vacation, Wario Land 4, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Power Pro Kun Pocket 6. [2]

The Densetsu no Starfy tune is a remixed version of the series Title Song, otherwise known as "Tone of Ocean".

Macaroni Ketchup has released previous albums in the "Primary BOX" series, as well as other video game albums, such as "ARLE IN WONDERLAND3" and "Rifurawa 2" (Japanese: りふらわ2).

List of songs

Number Name (translated) Name (romanized) Japanese name Original game/tune
1 Tone of Ocean Nata de Coco ☆ Umi no Neiro Nata de Koko ☆ 海のねいろ ナタデココ☆ Densetsu no Starfy / Tone of Ocean
2 In The Room (Chilled Dubstep Remix) ll-L In The Room(Chilled Dubstep Remix) ll-L In The Room(Chilled Dubstep Remix) ll-L Mother 3 / In the Room
3 Great Battlers! Iranika Great Battlers! Iranika Great Battlers! Iranika Megaman Battle Network 3 / Great Battlers
4 A cheerful party Nata de Coco ☆ A cheerful party Nata de Koko ☆ A cheerful party ナタデココ☆ Magical Vacation / Seirei Theme
5 Monsoon Jungle (Remix) ll-L Monsoon Jungle(Remix) ll-L Monsoon Jungle(Remix) ll-L Wario Land 4 / Monsoon Jungle
6 Examination (Remix) ll-L Examination(Remix) ll-L Examination(Remix) ll-L Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney / Examination
7 silent prayer kinta silent prayer kinta silent prayer キンタ Power Pro Kun Pocket 6 / ?

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