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While the The Legendary Starfy series has an active fanbase and is well-loved among its fans, dedicated website-wise it is relatively quiet, and it may be seen as an obscure series. There are exceptions to this however, with Starfy Wiki, Starfy Reddit, Starfy Forum, a Starfy Discord being recent examples in the West, and Salt Water Stafi and discussion on GameFAQs being earlier examples.

Starfy is a popular character in art circles for places such as DeviantArt and (mainly Japan): Pixiv. Imasara and Colorful Planet were popular art websites for Starfy, but their activity has died down. Starfy is also occasionally featured in YouTube videos.

While Miiverse was active, there were a good number of users active on the Legendary Starfy communities, and a few who expressed want for the series to be localized overseas.

Various people who like Starfy are also fans of Kirby; who while different to Starfy has a similar 'cute' aesthetic and some similar platforming elements.

There are a small number of people who speedrun the Starfy games, with Diamond being a top performing player. An early discovery in this scene was the Demo glitch of Densetsu no Starfy by the Japanese community, popularised overseas by Jlun2.

Until relatively recently, there were no fan translated Starfy games. A fan translation of Densetsu no Starfy however is now mainly complete. Other games in the series have had informal fan translation work through commentated/annotated YouTube videos.

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