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This page is a list of The Legendary Starfy series fansites by language.


Pufftop (Discord)

Pufftop, named after the Pufftop kingdom Starfy's family rules over, is a general purpose space for fans of the Starfy series to socialize. It is the official Discord server for The Legendary Starfy subreddit, though it has come to gain an identity of its own. It is currently owned by Koops. His position gives him the “Papa Star” role, named after Starfy’s father. Eleanor was originally the server owner, but she latter passed her ownership onto Koops. Eleanor currently holds the “Retired Old man Lobber” role, a reference to both the character and her retirement status. The admins of the server are given the "Pufftop Veteran" role while moderators are given the “Pufftop Guards” role. This is a reference the characters known as Pufftop Guards. Server bots are named after various bosses from the Starfy series and are given the “Boss” role. Sever ranks are named after the Lobber's Logbook ranks. Members who contribute to the fan community though translations, speedruns, or various creative mediums are given special roles. Some members have been given roles named after various characters from the series upon request.

Pufftop features channels for both Starfy series related and off topic discussion. Activity on the server is consistent and it continues to gain new members. Due to this, it can be argued that Pufftop is the most popular dedicated Starfy series fan space on the internet.

Starfy Translation Team (Discord)

Originally made by (User:Torchickens) as a space for work on the [Fan translation of Densetsu no Starfy|fan translation of Densetsu no Starfy], Starfy Translation Team has since expanded into a general hub for all Starfy series related translation efforts. Torchickens herself has stepped down from her role as project organizer for the the Densetsu no Starfy fan translation, though she maintains ownership of the server.

Starfy Speedrunning Server (Discord)

Pufftop moderator and Starfy series speedrunner carterferris07 is the owner of the Starfy Speedrunning Server. It acts a space for speedrunners of the series to congregate.

Legend of Stellaria (Discord)

Legend of Stellaria is a Starfy series themed Dungeons and Dragons role playing server created by Pufftop member JustATopaz.

Pufftop Kingdom (Discord)

Pufftop Kingdom is a general purpose space for fans of the Starfy series to socialize. It was created by Autumn when she was unaware of the preexisting Pufftop server.

The Legendary Starfy (Reddit)

The Legendary Starfy is a subreddit for fans of the Starfy series established by goldmaster11 and their associates. Activity there is minimal as many of its members have decided to be more active in the Pufftop Discord server.

The Legendary Starfy Forum (ProBoards)

The Legendary Starfy Forum is a forum about the Starfy series. It was established by Graphite in 2015 using the ProBoards hosting service. The forum contains different board categories consisting of a “General” category for forum information and updates, a “Starfy” category for discussing the Starfy series, and an “Off topic” category for fan works and miscellaneous discussion.

Prior to the opening of this forum, a different forum about the Starfy series was established by MBArceus in 2010. The forum used the now defunct ZetaBoards hosting service.

The Legendary Starfy (NIWA Community Forums)

Discussion about The Legendary Starfy series is currently available on a dedicated Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance board of the NIWA Community Forums. However, after a few posts it ceased to receive much activity.

Project Pufftop (Twitter)

Project Pufftop is a Twitter account made to campaign for an official the revival the Starfy series. In practice the account mainly retweets Starfy series related tweets by other users. It is run by Koops and Autumn.

Starfy-Starly-Fans (DeviantArt)

Starfy-Starfly-Fans is currently the most active out of the few Starfy series related groups on DeviantArt. It is a space for fans to share their fan works based on the series. The group’s founder and only admin is Roro102900. It was established on May 4, 2015.

Starfy Fan Club (Weebly)

Starfy Fan Club is a website dedicated to the Starfy series hosted on Weebly. The earliest archived version of the site is from 2012. The site is rather bear bones, but it includes eight pages. “Home” is the home page of the website. "Starfy Gossip" is a shoutbox where people can discuss the Starfy series. "Starfy Facts" is a list of a couple facts about the Starfy series. "TLS Characters" is a set of brief descriptions for some of the characters present in The Legendary Starfy. "TLS Cheats" is a list of five unlockable features in The Legendary Starfy. "Fan Club" is where people can add themselves to the titular fan club. "Starfy Tunez" is a blank page. "Starfy Vs. Kirby" asks the viewer to participate in a defunct Crowdsignal poll.

Salt Water Stafi

Salt Water Stafi, also known as Saltwater Stafi or SALT WATER STAFI was an English fansite of the Starfy series run by Corbie Dillard, a writer for Nintendo Life; a video game blog and review website, where he is known under the username Corbs. On August 27, 2007 the website moved to its own domain name.

The website included links to the official websites for Densetsu no Starfy 1-4 and mirrored the Densetsu no Starfy 1-4 FAQs on GameFAQs, with permission from the original authors. The website also included links to Corbie Dillard's personal Starfy collection, a page summarizing the history of The Legendary Starfy series called "History of Stafi 101" and a link to an annotated version of the Densetsu no Starfy 2 Stage Select map. For example, the stage names are incorrect and that “Kyorosuke's Shop” should be “Kyorosuke's House,” while 'HadeHirai's Photo Shop' should be “Lovely's Shop.”

In the comments of Corbie's Nintendo Life article, Starfy Finally Coming to North America!, Corbie posted on April 21st, 2009 that "Salt Water Stafi isn't gone yet" and is "just being reworked."

The Star of Sand Ocean Wiki (Neocities)

Pufftop admin and Starfy series fan artist TiramisuGrenouille is the creator of The Star of Sand Ocean Wiki. It is a website dedicated to TiramisuGrenouille’s alternate universe fan fiction where characters from the Starfy series are humans in the wild west. TiramisuGrenouille’s end goal is to make their fan fiction into a comic. There is also has a Discord server for fans of the project.

Starfy and Kirby Fan Club (Fandom)

Starfy and Kirby Fan Club is a Wiki established on Wikia by McBoo-Blitzman on July 12, 2009. The Wiki holds various articles about unofficial fan created elements of the Starfy series. It is now managed by Pufftop member Goji Goodra#7702.

Starfy Wiki

Main article: Starfy Wiki:About

Starfy Wiki, known in full as The Legendary Starfy Wiki is a Wiki with various information about The Legendary Starfy series. The Wiki was founded on Wikia by BattleFranky202 (Talk) on May 30, 2009.

There are currently two Starfy Wikis - one hosted on (currently hosted by Michael (Talk), alias "Tappy", the webmaster of and an outdated one hosted on This is due to the Wiki being forked by Michael (Talk) on to the new domain name in early January 2011. All of the pages were imported, while images were re-uploaded separately.

The choice for Starfy Wiki to have its own domain name originated from the local staff's desires for the Wiki to become independent and possibly become part of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA) — an alliance promoting Wikis about Nintendo to stay independent and remain outside of the control of external companies. Starfy Wiki became a member of the NIWA on April 28, 2011. It is also affiliated with a number of other websites.


Colorful Planet

Colorful Planet is the the personal multipurpose website of mustard_pudding (Japanese: 洋芥子ぷりん) where they post their fan works based on Nintendo properties. The Splatoon series is currently their primary focus, but some works based on the Stary series and other properties are still hosted there. However, most fan works that were not based on Splatoon have been removed.

A former companion site to Colorful Planet under the name Sauce is Soy Sauce (Japanese: ソースはしょう油で) was also created by mustard_pudding. It was hosted on FC2. The site originally severed as a personal blog, but it is now defunct. That role has now been taken on by Colorful Planet itself among its other roles.

At This Late Hour (FC2)

At This Late Hour (Japanese: 今更, Imasara) is an abandoned Japanese blog previously run by Little Y (Japanese: りとるY) hosted on FC2. It was there Little Y would post their fan art based on Nintendo properties, mostly the Starfy series. The blog began on August 14, 2008 and was last updated on January 1, 2018.

The blog has since been replaced by Little Y’s personal Twitter account. While they still share their fan art of Nintendo properties, including the Starfy series, most of their tweets revolve around their experiences playing video games for the Nintendo Switch.

Starfy Alliance (FC2)

Starfy Alliance (Japanese: スタフィー同盟) is a website hosted on FC2 that hosts web banners for those who want to be a part of the titular Starfy Alliance. This alliance is informal, as all it takes to become a member is either using one of the site’s banners on your own website or simply proclaiming your love of the Starfy series if you do not have a website.

Original Characters (FC2)

Original Characters is a now defunct website established by So (Japanese: そー) that was hosted on FC2. It was made as a platform for people to share their own original characters. Early in the site’s history large sections of it were dedicated to fan works based on other properties, including the Starfy series. These sections were later removed from the site former, but they were still viable via an on site archive section. The Starfy series section was robust, featuring fan art, fan fiction, and fan games. Around 2020 the whole site, including it’s archives, was taken down.

So also runs a personal profile site with miscellaneous information about them. They used to list and link to many of their video games and websites, but all mention of those as also deleted around 2020. However, their artwork is still available via self hosted archives on the site.

Legendary Adventure (FC2)

Legendary Adventure (Japanese: 伝説のアドベンチャー) was a website hosted on FC2. The website offered tips, cheats and glitches for Densetsu no Starfy, Tomato Adventure, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and other games, such as those in the Quiz Magic Academy series. The website also had a blog and bulletin board. The website currently appears to be offline but cached versions of the main page and its Imadame glitch documentation exist.

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