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Hi there. ✿ I'm the editor in chief of Starfy Wiki, ask me anything on my talk page about the direction of the site/projects and I'll be more than happy to help ^^.

I used to create/edit articles here with The Forgotten Beast (Talk), Kagegamer12 (Talk) and Star Light (Talk) (the original wiki was founded by BattleFranky). Currently, I'm just trying to make sure this wiki is in good health and clear out the spam bots that keep appearing.

My life has been busy entering womanhood and growing up. I've lost drive. Emotionally I get brain fog; disorientation, not seeing so logically also. Regardless, the issue is slowly clearing up. User:Kagegamer12, User:Dimedime and I, we like datamining/'hacking'. My friend SomeUselessTranslations has prepared the mock-ups for fan translations, which you can watch right now. According to them they are mock ups, but they look real. I might study the GBA Video encoding for the technical part of including the splash screen, because script is messy. Well, when we're stuck we can always study and ring the bell for help from other technicians. The reason for the long delay is family priorities like cooking take time, and family tensions. I'm sorry. I promise I'll keep giving it a go re: the ROM hacks.

Also I thank Normmatt, Mage (not sure if same person?), and Spikeman (if J remember) for the Starfy 1 translation concept, using the Atlas tools. Also huge thanks to Higgsby (the other translator) and Pablitox (another technician). They helped me with my apathy. Lastly, thank you User:Star_Light. We learned from each other Japanese and inspired me to study it.

The Forgotten Beast, I miss you. Also BattleFranky, we love you for founding the wiki, even if you don't show your face. Starphoria, thanks for the edits/coordination you did too. ^^

Torchickens profile picture.pngWotsaruto1OA.png

I've reached a point in my life where I have to let go of the computer to face adulthood. It's odd; it's equally liberating and scary but something will work out I'm sure, as old times (like my long past busy past here) don't truly die.

I don't really know or feel like what to add here anymore and started anew on Sanrio Wiki (now independent like Starfy Wiki too); the only wiki I founded that actually developed in volume similar to this site (BattleFranky founded Starfy Wiki while it was still on Wikia, I founded Sanrio Wiki on ShoutWiki), but a few users are adding new information (in particular, the new Japanese analysis I'm learning from others here and Starfy Translation Team is fascinating) or adjusting grammar still here on Starfy Wiki, which is nice.

Later, I've been feeling actually there is a silver-lining to all of this. Our heart's passions never die, but sometimes we want to start anew which is fine; hence despite the fact that I'm older now, I feel young again venturing into Sanrio (and reminiscent about the time here on Starfy Wiki, and hoping that I can still contribute).

I miss the oldbies here (Star Light, Kagegamer, The Forgotten Beast, and Battlefranky); I feel for some of them maybe they're in a similar position to me. ;_; Real-life, identity ('what do I want to do now') and 'moving on' can be testing, and it's sad pasttimes can be partly bound to the past. Sometimes I feel lonely.

Personal projects to start someday here?

User:Torchickens/List of objects : I want this to be a list of objects in the The Legendary Starfy games, with their official names (in-game, guidebook, manual, etc.) where applicable.

Fan translation status

Starfy 1: Text complete (beta here). No graphics work yet. Typos and bugs need fixing.

Starfy 2: User:AUselessMage and others are working on the texts for this. They may have completed it? Sorry I don't know.

Starfy 3: Started, working on it slowly (maybe someone else has since worked on it).

Starfy 4: Someone said they may be able to help? (re: ROM hacking?) (maybe someone else has since worked on it).

The Legendary Starfy (5) alternative translation: Suggested possibly by Mage again; as certain translations (ignoring localisations) may not be accurate (Mashtooth's story?).

(Sorry I haven't been up to date)


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