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Okay, sorry it took me so long to join, but I'm BattleFranky202 (incidentally, my real name is Matthew, or Matt for short), the original founder of the Starfy Wiki, back when it was originally on Wikia. I'd like to thank The Forgotten Beast and Star Light for all their major contributions to the original wiki and for sticking with me for so long, and I'd especially like to thank the late Axiomist for making the transfer to NIWA possible (may he rest in peace). Okay, so, sorry I haven't been active at all, I'll try to do my best, even though everything seems to be under control here...

FYI, this was my original message back on the old Starfy Wiki:

Hello. I am BattleFranky202. I created this Wiki because I love Starfy, or Stafy as some would like to call him. I'm usually a general editor and not that good at creating stuff like templates, etc. Hopefully, I'll learn as I go, but I also hope that some people will come to help, too. Wish us luck.

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