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Welcome to my profile! I'm Star_Light. Also known as Hoshi_Hikari. I'm a Starfy fan as well as lots of other video game series. I'm the third admin on the Starfy Wiki.I would like to revamp my profile someday.

Star Light
Star Light.gif
Name: Real name? I think not
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 16
Aliases: Star_Light, Hoshi_Hikari

History (series)

I heard about the series roughly in 2004. I was already interested in the series, but had no means to get the games at the time. Eventually when the Legendary Starfy came out in America, my brother got it and he let me play it a lot. I then got the still-Japanese-only games one by one. About a year or so later, I got the first two volumes of Yumiko Sudō's Starfy manga. That's about it really.

History (wiki)

It all started when I was looking for something Starfy related on the internet. Unfortunately I do not remember what I was looking for. Possibly a Starfy fan-site or forum. I ended up finding the Starfy Wiki. I took a look around and thought it looked nice, but could use more work. I just left believing I wouldn't be any help. A couple days later I went back for reasons I don't remember. By this time, I already knew more about the Japanese Starfy games than the average non-Japanese Starfy fan. As I looked around I found a flaw in Ogura's article. I couldn't help fixing it, and since I knew I could do it anonymously I fixed the problem. Then after I got the welcome message saying that registered users have more options and get credited for edits, I decided to register so I could help out more. I thought "Why not? There's no other site like this and I could really help with information about the Japan-only games! This site doesn't seem popular, so it's not like I could make it worse." I used the name I always use when it's available. As I started editing a lot I learned how to make links, templates, categoies, etc. I started to go crazy with adding info and articles no matter if the wiki was active or quiet, but useful info. Info that to my surprise no one else seemed to know! Many moons rose and set... The Forgotten Beast noticed my high knowledge of the Japanese games and recommended me as an admin on the wiki! Eventually I did become an admin. There you have it! My Starfy Wiki history!

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