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Character Parfait (Japanese: キャラぱふぇ) is a bimonthly video game magazine targeted towards young children and girls that currently releases every even month but released every odd month in 2008. It is published by ASCII Media Works and it was a originally a special edition of Dengeki Nintendo, until the publication of volume 10 on December 1, 2009, when it became independent.

There are two magazines which were derived from Character Parfait, including Separate Volume Character Parfait Comics; a comic magazine that collects only manga, and Character Parfait Puchi, an edition of Character Parfait created for '3-6 year olds'.

In 2008, at least two manga based on The Legendary Starfy were created and published in the magazine, starting from volume 8. [1]

There have been manga for other video games in Character Parfait other than The Legendary Starfy, such as Kirby Super Star Ultra and Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop.

One of the The Legendary Starfy related manga

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