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Starfy's Love Attack!! (Japanese: スタフィーのラブアタック!!, Sutafī no Rabu Atakku!!) is the first chapter of the Densetsu no Starfy R manga.


In the beginning of this chapter, Mattel is stargazing into the night sky from the balcony of a building, where she is excited to find what seems to be a meteor coming into her field of view. However, the "meteor" becomes extremely close to Mattel, almost colliding with Mattel. The meteor is actually Starfy using his Shooting Star ability. Starfy crashes into the floor, where Starfy emerges from the floor with scratches and bumps on his head. However, Starfy is soon treated back to good health when Mattel gives him plasters for his injuries. Starfy appears and greets Mattel, and Mattel is sympathetic to Starfy. Initially, Starfy is frightened of Mattel. Soon after, however Starfy falls deeply in love with Mattel, but this only confuses her.

Later in Pufftop Palace, Starfy is writing love books, and Moe approaches Starfy to ask him what is going on. Starfy then turns to Moe wearing spiral glasses, a "hissho" hachimaki headband and a thick suit, horrifying Moe. Moe then approaches Starfy to tear up his book in half, and then drags Starfy out of the suit so that Starfy can ask Mattel out for himself.

Starfy and Moe travel to Cupid Village, where they find a small estate where Mattel is gardening some flowers. Meanwhile, Starfy and Moe are hiding behind a tree, but Starfy is too nervous to talk to Mattel. Moe prepares Starfy a suit and a mirror, but Starfy can't fit himself into the suit, and most of his face is hidden in the clothing. Starfy walks clumsily up to Mattel, which frightens Mattel away because he looks more like a monster. Starfy is frustrated by this, while Moe simply expresses his discontent towards Starfy. Moe walks up to Mattel, to chat with her himself about Starfy's love for Mattel, but the look of Mattel frightens Moe. Later, Starfy decides to type a love letter to Mattel. Starfy uses Moe's laptop to type Mattel a letter, but Moe grabs the laptop off of Starfy, and so Starfy produces the letter by hand instead. Starfy produces a love letter to Mattel, but Moe doesn't allow Starfy to send it because of his poor handwriting.

Moe wears a pair of sunglasses, and approaches Mattel again, chatting with her while she is gardening but Starfy appears to confront Moe. Later, Moe has a final idea. Moe gives Starfy a pair of roses to hold for Mattel, and wraps up Starfy in a giant present box. The present box slides towards Mattel's house, when Starfy jumps out of the box to give Mattel the roses. Mattel laughs at Starfy, asking if she had met him somewhere before. Starfy pulls an angry face and drops the roses on the floor.

Starfy giving Mattel the pair of roses