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Starfy and Bunston combining two Crystal Shards

Fragments redirects here. For the fragments of a statue from Densetsu no Starfy 2, see Statue Fragments.

Shards (Japanese: カケラ, Fragments), also known as Crystal Shards are pieces of Bunston's ship that are featured in The Legendary Starfy. They fell apart after The Terrible Trio shot it with their own ship. There are 7 shards collected once every Stage before Bunnera. When multiple shards are connected together, they form part of Bunston's ship again. When Bunston spots one Shard, a part of his memory comes back.

The Bunston's Collection menu on the touch screen and the Collection option from Moe's Case both keep track of how many Shards have been collected.

After all 7 shards are collected, the player is able to use Bunston's ship to fly to Planet Bunnera (Stage 8) from S.S. Logwater (Stage 7) after defeating The Terrible Trio in Stage 7-4.


  • The forth shard has the logo of Bunnera on it.
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