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The Collection (Japanese: あつめもの, Collected Objects) feature shows all the Shards the player has collected in The Legendary Starfy. It can be accessed at Moe's Case after unlocking it in the level "Big Squiddy Brawl" in Gluglug Lagoon (Stage 1-4). It is basically the same as the touch-screen option Bunston's Collection that is unlocked at the same time, but omits the number of Heart Gems collected (for every three) and offers a brief description mentioning where the latest Shard was found on the top-screen. After defeating Mega Mashtooth, a random message is shown with background information into events following the story.


Below is a list of messages that can appear on the Collection screen. Note that there may be some errors as these messages have not been manually checked.

Before beating the game

  • ☆The 1st Shard: This shard stirs some of Bunston's memories... You've got to find more!
  • ☆The 2nd Shard: This shard was inside a huge squid! The adventure is just starting...
  • ☆The 3rd Shard: Thanks to the Squirts, you were able to find the 3rd shard.
  • ☆The 4th Shard: Starfy rolled into a massive snowball just to protect this shard.
  • ☆The 5th Shard: Another shard for Bunston! He seems to be starting to remember bits and pieces.
  • ☆The 5th Shard: Just a couple more now! But where could the 6th shard be?
  • ☆The 6th Shard: Only one more to go! Thanks to Starfy, the trio has made it this far!
  • ☆Destination: Bunnera Now that every shard has been found, Bunston can return to his home world!

After beating the game

  • ☆Bunston Is Home: Thanks to Starfy and Moe, the Bunnerans are back to normal!
  • ☆Bunston Is Home: Ronk, Papes, and Snips are now model citizens of Bunneran society.
  • ☆Bunston Is Home: Bunston is wondering where Starfy and Moe are adventuring when it rains...
  • ☆Bunston Is Home: Ronk, Papes, and Snips now do guard duty on Bunnera. The streets are safe!
  • ☆Bunston Is Home: Bunston visited Pufftop! Starfy even taught him to do Star Spins!
  • ☆Bunston Is Home: Ride on the Cosmic Express to see some far-off places with Modo.
  • ☆Bunston Is Home: On Bunnera, Starfy is on the cover of every magazine! He's a star!
  • ☆Bunston Is Home: The Pufftop Guards are sore from doing too many push-ups.
  • ☆Bunston Is Home: Bunston went over to Moe's house to visit, and he met all three of Moe's siblings!
  • ☆Bunston Is Home: Thanks to my adventure with Starfy and Moe, I think I grew a little. And not just in height!