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English version

Note: This section contains some mature content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Densetsu no Starfy was officially only released in Japan. However, a prototype of a seemingly cancelled English version would surface online.

This version had its own font.[1] In the prototype version, Moe is known as "Kyoro" (shortened from his Japanese name Kyorosuke), and one of the conversations with him features profanity (an easy mistake to mistake from translation of derogatory Japanese words without regard to connotations, audience and impact).

The prototype came with 128M flash memory in a regular colored Game Pak but resembles a special type of cartridge such as a rumble or tilt cart. It is also marked with a red sticker with the writing Tose 四条分室 (Shijo Branch Office) No 062 (possibly Shijo Street in Kyoto; the city where Tose operates). The prototype was found on an eBay listing from a seller of various prototypes, according to an October 2018 archived 4ch thread.[2]

This coincides with an official account by Nintendo Treehouse but regarding a different game; the fifth and only localised official The Legendary Starfy game for Nintendo DS, though it is not known if Bihldorff misremembered the game for the original.[3]

Chinese version

Logo of the game in China

Densetsu no Starfy was officially only released in Japan. However, a prototype of a seemingly cancelled iQue version of the game would surface online, as 斯塔非的传说 (Sitafei De Chuanshuo). The game was translated into Chinese. This article covers other known differences.

A list of Chinese character and enemy names can be found here.

Before Opening Demo

Just before the Opening Demo, a notice with details such as an ISBN code, followed by the iQue logo is shown.

Title screen

The title screen in the iQue version is missing the copyright notice at the bottom. For unknown reasons, two pixels on the top right corner of the title screen graphic are missing. It also features different 'press A' text, with the word "START".

Staff Credits

At the start of both Staff Credits, the Japanese version has the text "Densetsu no Stafy Staff Credits" with the Japanese logo, while the Chinese version has the text "The Legend of Stafy Staff Credits" with the Chinese logo instead. During both Staff Credits of the Chinese version, there is an additional Chinese Localization iQue Engineering credit.