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"It's official!"
LobJisan.png This page contains an official Starfy Wiki policy.

This is a list of grammar conventions in the The Legendary Starfy series or games relating to them, and preferred grammar rules to be used on Starfy Wiki. When possible, it is best to use the official capitalization patterns as they appear in The Legendary Starfy.

Don't worry too much about the grammar conventions though; it's the actual content that matters the most. If you are working on a project relating to game content and you made a lot of wrong capitalizations, don't let this prevent you from maintaining or improving the Wiki.


This Wiki has been worked on with American English so far. You are free to contribute using Commonwealth English, but both styles should not be used in the same article. Please do not edit an article just to change it to your spelling style.

In various articles, the word "Wiki" has been capitalized. The un-capitalized "wiki" is equally correct and it's OK if you decide to use it.

If quoting from a game such as the English version of The Legendary Starfy the text should be kept exactly as it appears. For example, Starfy's trophy description from Super Smash Bros. Brawl should be written in verbatim even though it refers to Starfy using his official Japanese romanization, "Stafy". If you know if there are differences between the North American/European/Australian or other versions of a quote, the version should be stated in the article.

Languages other than English

If an article has a Japanese name it can be added in an article's first sentence or infobox (suggestions: in the form "(Japanese: [x], [y])" or "[y] in Japan, [x]"). Here is an example of the second suggestion in use; "Starfy (known in Japan as Sutafī, officially romanized as Stafy). In this article, the kana for Stafy, "スタフィー" is added in the infobox.

Unless you're adding a romanization, please add the Japanese name exactly as it appears in game, with the correct writing system(s) (i.e. hiragana, katakana and kanji). You can add a hiragana reading for kanji using the alttext template. If you know of an official romanization such as "Stafy" rather than "Sutafī", you may add it to the article. Please provide a source for official romanizations with <ref>(x)</ref>.

So far, this Wiki does not have articles in languages other than English. Translations are welcome, but please add "/[language code]" after an existing article so we can tell it's not an English article. Only English articles should be without a language namespace.

Language codes:

  • DE - German
  • ES - Spanish
  • FR - French
  • IT - Italian
  • JP - Japanese
  • KO - Korean
  • ZH - Chinese

Japanese or English names

Japanese names of characters are welcome on Starfy Wiki, though the title of an article for a character, location, etc. should be its English name if it exists. If an English name does not exist, the title should be a romanization of its Japanese name. All names should also come from an official source, such as the game The Legendary Starfy or Densetsu no Starfy 3.

Stafy or Starfy and his sister Stapy/Starly

The yellow star-shaped Prince of Pufftop and his younger sister should be referred to on the Wiki as "Starfy" and "Starly" respectively, as these are their official names in the North American and Australian localizations.

While Stafy and Stapy are equally correct, these are the official Japanese romanizations. Compare the English name of the Pokémon Cresselia with its official romanization "Crecelia".

Media names with スタフィー in them

In names of Japanese media that include スタフィー, it has been the norm that Starfy should be used in the title instead of Stafy, even though Stafy is the official Japanese romanization (for a list of instances where it is used, see here). For example, please link to "Densetsu no Starfy" instead of "Densetsu no Stafy". In the case of the article for The Legendary Starfy, it's fine to include "Stafy" as part of the romanization for the Japanese name (this is how it appears in the article: "known in Japan as Densetsu no Stafy Taiketsu! Daīru Kaizokudan").

Capitalization patterns

This content in this section indicates the way things are capitalized in games relating to the The Legendary Starfy series.

In The Legendary Starfy

This is a list of capitalization patterns from The Legendary Starfy.


Not capitalized

In the Super Smash Bros. series