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Starfy's second appearance on The Moe Show

The Moe Show (Japanese: 今日のゲスト, Today's Guest) is the talk show Moe hosts in The Legendary Starfy. The Moe Show can be accessed in game by pressing the R button, opening Moe's Case. Players can select "The Moe Show" from there. The variety of characters that appear in his show change as the player progresses through the game.


  • Although a single Jellato Sister is interviewed on the show, her name is labelled as "Jellato Sisters", implying that more than one Jellato Sister is being interviewed. This is a small error in translation which does not occur in the original Japanese version, as conversations refer to the Jellato Sisters as Kuriore (クリオレ) which has no definite plural form and can be used either for referring to one or multiple Jellato Sisters.
  • In Snips's episode the text bubble points at Snips when Moe is talking at the end.

Possible errors

  • In Mashtooth's episode (although this "Mashtooth" is actually a fake devised by Starfy and Bunston) Moe refers to him as the Hot-Spring Snapper and "Mashtooth" even talks more like the Hot-Spring Snapper.

List of The Moe Show interviews

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