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This is a list of tasks to do for Starfy Wiki. Feel free to edit this page and add more.


  • All grammar and spelling corrections are greatly appreciated!
  • Help with Japanese is also appreciated.

Improving existing articles

  • Add line breaks to articles where necessary. Some articles like the music ones need them, which may have happened after a MediaWiki update.
  • Add categories to articles, such as the species of characters and enemies.
  • Mention the boulder glitch.
  • Work on incomplete articles.
  • Add in the '(x) manga' sections to characters, locations, etc. and add a brief summary of their role in the manga.
  • Expand current stubs. In particular more character specific information; it would be great to more thoroughly fill out the biographies of every character in every game some day.
  • Work on uploading files for imageless articles.
  • As suggested by Jubei (Talk), move the Japan-only character names to their fan translation name.
  • Adjust links to redirects to the actual article.
  • Fix double redirects if any appear.
  • Add the iQue names to each character's template
  • Move Toy descriptions to be part of the character or enemies' template (as may have been suggested a long time ago (Wikia era))
  • Find out names for more objects and create articles on them. Possible article: lift. However, if the name cannot be found it's OK and Template:Conjectural may be added. A list of articles in this category is here.
  • Give the Stuff clothes/accessories/specials their own articles, as we have already have music articles. Content in this article could be how to obtain the relevant item and a description alongside the image.
  • Document the missing Densetsu no Starfy (Sayori Abe) manga.
  • Check sites like Yahoo Auctions Japan, Rakuten, eBay, Mercari for possible rare undocumented merchandise.
  • Add possible extra details about merchandise, as more information (the text below the logo) was found after Torchickens (Talk) purchased the Densetsu no Starfy B5 Notebook, and additional Densetsu no Starfy Gummi Candy information was also recently found (however sometimes this may require purchasing the item).
  • Replace texts for certain articles which have since had their name changed (e.g. Slippery Ice Alpine to Slippery Iceberg).

New articles and projects

  • Similar to Super Mario Wiki, make work on individual areas. Short articles with the maps (whether they are from the Nintendo Official Guidebooks or ripped) are fine for this purpose too. The Super Mario Maker level "Starfy: Prince of Pufftop" also counts as long as any clashing information is reworded/reworked.
  • Add character quote lists
  • Create Starfy speedrunning routes and other relevant articles.