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A Public Telephone

This article is about the Public Telephones as objects, for the ability that allows Starfy to use a Public Telephone, see Public Telephone (ability)

Public Telephones (Japanese: こうしゅうデンワ) are objects in Densetsu no Starfy 4. These telephones are found in all areas apart from Stage 1-1 (Lobber's Villa) and have green handles resembling a seahorse.

When Starfy or Starly approaches a Public Telephone it starts to ring and it becomes answerable with the X button. The player can answer the phone to talk to Moe and receive advice. Public Telephones usually disappear after the area they're found in is complete. An exception to this is Stage 9-4 (Degil's Castle), which always has a Public Telephone in the room that leads to Degil's second form and the room that holds King Tobira Majin.