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This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.
Cover sheet for the 2001 edition

The Nintendo Spaceworld Official Guidebooks are guidebooks for Nintendo Space World that were apparently given to everyone who attended the events. [1] The guidebooks were released annually.

2000 edition

The 2000 edition covered information about Densetsu no Starfy when it was under development for the Game Boy Color on page 37. Some prerelease artwork is shown. The page covered the story, introduced Starfy's signature Star Spin, Starfy, Moe (then known as Kyororon) and Old Man Lobber. The page included some prerelease screenshots, including screenshots of stages that look like Coral Reef, Sea of Ice and the Sunken Ship.

2001 edition

The 2001 edition covered information about Densetsu no Starfy for the Game Boy Advance on page 27. It reveals that at the time the information was published the game was about 60% complete. Like the artwork shown on page 37 of the 2000 edition, the artwork is not final. Moe's artwork appears to be unchanged from the Game Boy Color period of development.

The page covering Densetsu no Starfy for the Game Boy Advance, with early character artwork

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