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This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.

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The List with the Picture Book selected

The List (Japanese: リスト) is a menu in Densetsu no Starfy that is available from the Stage Select by pressing the select button. To access the Stage Select, the player must defeat Ogura once or exploit the demo glitch and push both start and select from the Pause screen.


  • Picture Book - Allows the player to view every character Starfy has met except for Lovelove, Loverin, Dolchina and Dolshi and every enemy Starfy has defeated.
  • Treasure Items - Allows the player to view the 45 Treasure Items panels. Treasures are added to the panel as Starfy finds them by revisiting past stages and replace question marks.
  • Minigames - Lets the player play any of the minigames they have unlocked. There are seven in total. Each one becomes available as Starfy talks to a character in one of the stages and decides to play it.
  • Photograph - Lets the player view the Photograph.
  • Extra! - Lets the player view the Extra! menu, where the Sea Jams, Staff Roll 1/2 and the three Endings are accessible provided that each one has been unlocked.


  • The List has undergone at least two changes during the game's development. When the game was under development for the Game Boy Color there was text in English that said "PUSH SELECT" and some title text that may say "LIST" but is difficult to read. The Extra! option is notably missing. Later, when development on the game moved to the Game Boy Advance and the game was about 60% complete the title text was made clear to read "LIST" and the Extra! option was added. The "PUSH SELECT" text remained.