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Part of Ending 1 in Densetsu no Starfy 4

The Endings (Japanese: エンディング) are three cutscenes in The Legendary Starfy series that are, as the name implies, the endings.

In the first four games the Endings are known as Ending 1, Ending 2, and Ending 3. They are found in Moe's House or the Extra! option (Densetsu no Starfy). Ending 1 usually involves Starfy or Starly defeating the final boss, but the boss is not down yet and the player then usually has to collect something like Treasure Items, Evil Crystals or Answers Cards before fighting the boss again. Getting Ending 1 marks the end of the first story and from here the player can revisit any stage in any order. Ending 2 usually involves Starfy beating the final boss again, but the boss still isn't down and the player didn't finish collecting almost all whatever he/she needs to collect. Getting Ending 2 is optional as it is unlocked with Ending 3 if the player did not unlock it before. Ending 3 involves the player defeating the final boss for good after collecting all of what they need to collect.

In The Legendary Starfy, the Endings are known as Starfy's Ending (Japanese: エンディング1 (スタフィー), Ending 1 (Starfy)), Starly's Ending (Japanese: エンディング1 (スタピー), Ending 1 (Starly)) and The Missing Chapter (Japanese: エンディング2, Ending 2). They are all available as Story cartoons. Starfy's Ending is the ending that plays after whenever Starfy beats Mega Mashtooth, while Starly's Ending is played when Starly pushes the moon into Mega Mashtooth in Big Bossdown. The Missing Chapter is an epilogue to the Staff Credits that is unlocked after the player obtains every Treasure and beats Mega Mashtooth.