Heart of Conflict

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A Heart of Conflict

The Hearts of Conflict (Japanese: あらそいの ココロ) are objects in Densetsu no Starfy 4. They are found in Degil's Castle (Stage 9-3). They resemble red, upside-down hearts with arms. Each one holds fire.

In the story, Arasoinomon asks Starfy and Starfy to extinguish them, but Starfy came into conflict with Moe and Moe ran away. Mattel soon arrives to teach Starfy the Powerful Spin. She comments that no one could use this Spill ability until now, and that Starfy is the first to learn it because Starfy an Moe are great friends. Starly comments that the Powerful Spin should be able to extinguish the fire in the Hearts of Conflict.

Starfy must use the Powerful Spin to extinguish the fire in sequences of multiple Hearts of Conflict. If the Powerful Spin ends and Starfy does not clear all of the Hearts of Conflict in a sequence, an 'X' will appear, the Hearts will relight and Starfy must try again. If Starfy successfully clears a sequence of Hearts of Conflict, a circle will appear and the fire will no longer relight. If Starfy touches a Heart of Conflict when it still holds fire, it will deal 5 damage.

Once Starfy extinguishes the fire in all of the Hearts of Conflict and collects Moe, it removes the curse on Arasoinomon, turning her back into Yuujounomon. As a reward, Yuujounomon opens the door to Degil and gives Starfy, Starly and Moe the Pufftop Clothes Treasure.