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Only in Japan!
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This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.
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Nostalgic Reunion Fii! (Japanese: なつかしの 再会だフィー!, Natsukashi no Saikai Fī) is the third chapter of the second volume of the Densetsu no Starfy manga illustrated by Yumiko Sudō.

It takes place some time after the events of We'll Absolutely Meet Again Fii! (volume 1, chapter 6) because Starfy and Moe have missed Old Man Lobber for some time, and Starfy remembers when Old Man Lobber gave him a coconut in I Hate Old Man Lobber Fii! (volume 1, chapter 4). Like in Densetsu no Starfy 2, Mama Star has been kidnapped by Ogura in this chapter.


The chapter begins with Moe searching for Starfy. They got separated after Starfy chased after Ogura and attempted to save Mama Star. Moe soon finds Starfy and believes he is upset, but then Starfy starts singing cheerfully. Moe then yells at Starfy, saying that people are worried about him, but Starfy convinces Moe to sing as well. Moe realizes the song they're singing is about the Star Spin and tells Starfy about it. Starfy tells Moe that he forgot part of the song. Moe suggests that they 'work together' and cheers him on, but Moe then stomps on Starfy, possibly as an attempt to jog his memory.

Later Starfy and Moe go inside a cave. Starfy thinks that Mama Star may have been trapped there and Moe thinks it may be haunted. They are quickly attacked by bats. Starfy and Moe soon believe they have escaped the bats, but then they see a bat biting Moe and sucking his blood.

Once they get rid that bat, they start hearing a voice. They follow it and end up finding Old Man Lobber. Starfy becomes overjoyed and runs to him in tears, remembering the good things he did for him, like raising him up when he was a baby and giving him the coconut in We'll Absolutely Meet Again Fii! (volume 1, chapter 6). He is glad the Old Man Lobber is alive after he got separated from Starfy after getting swallowed by The Whale. Moe starts to cry as well, but then Old Man Lobber asks who they are.

He seems to have lost his memory, and is sad that he can't remember who Starfy and Moe are but he tells them that a doctor told him there is a chance his memory may return. Moe has an idea. He pretends that he is going to the toilet and then suggests Starfy dresses up like a ghost to try to scare Old Man Lobber's memories back. Old Man Lobber tells them that the cave is haunted, and before they can try it, an unknown monster shows up and scares all three of them. Old Man Lobber starts to remember Starfy while they're being chased. He tells Starfy he remembers him. Old Man Lobber then tosses Starfy at the monster and Starfy attacks the monster with a Star Spin and sends it flying. Starfy and Moe start to cheer. Old Man Lobber watches them with a smile. Starfy then runs to Old Man Lobber, once again in tears, but accidentally attacks him instead. Old Man Lobber gets mad and attacks Starfy. When Starfy calls his name, he says "who dare's ask?", so he may have lost his memory again. He does not calm down and soon starts attacking both Starfy and Moe with a boulder. Starfy and Moe have no choice but to run away.

They escape by swimming in the ocean. Starfy starts to sing again and attempts to remember the part he forgot with no success. Soon Old Man Lobber is seen staring at the moonlit ocean while singing the part of Starfy's song he forgot. His memory has returned again. Once Old Man Lobber finishes singing, he starts to cry and does not want them to leave him.